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Holiday fun

February 13th, 2010

Instead of doing stuff to advance my gear gathering and making Aith an all around less sucky Druid I have been doing valentine stuff. I have some great screenshots for Sunday and I have gotten a few achievements for this holiday but I wont be able to get them all.

Recently my laptop went all splody, but I should have it fixed soon. At least I hope I will have it fixed soon.

I will still make my sunday post, but the lack of laptop is why updates have dried up again.

Silly Sunday: The CLOWN Suit

February 7th, 2010

Ok, we have all been there. Anyone who ever quested in Outland has been there. We have all been subjected to the dreaded Clown Suit.

You know how it goes, you find some armor, get a quest reward, OOH look that is awesome I have to buy it! Then you put it on and none of the pieces match, but that’s ok cause your numbers are good. Sure you look ridiculous, but you tolerate it.

Well I ran across an awesome Clown Suit that I just had to share.


I think she looks pretty good really, though the bright colors have rendered me almost blind. I mean, there is a part of me that thinks this was no accident. Those peices clash really well together!


Problems with the Blog

February 6th, 2010

I am sure it was noticed that the blog was down for almost two months and that even though it has returned all of the images are missing.

What happened was my host had a catastrophic server failure on the server they had my sites stored on. Everything was lost and for some reason they could not find my back-ups. Thankfully I still had the database for this site, but some of the images did not transfer over for some reason.

What I am doing is slowly trying to locate the missing images and then load them back up on the site. Since most the data is there I figured the missing images was not too bad. Hopefully I will have this straightened out soon.


Running Heroics and Fishing

February 6th, 2010

Ok, so I logged on and was doing the raptor daily on my DK when Oldprig hit me up asking if I would help them with a Raid level boss. I switched over to Aith and realized Ara was in the party so there was some reuniting and lots of joking around.

Something glitched somewhere and Prig could not find the boss so the group fell apart except Prig, Ara, Natch, and myself all stayed grouped together. We decided to use the random dungeon thing to find a 5th and run some heroics. Now, Natch and myself have shittastic gear, so we cannot hit the high level dungeons yet. Prig suggests that we do more heroics and get better gear since neither of us do BG or Raid.

So we pulled in a random Druid and he was a tree, so I went Boomkin and we pretty much pulled off a textbook run. There were a few glitches in the dungeon itself. Some frame skipping and enemies re-spawning that should not have, but other than that it was a clean run and I got the only druid drop which was not all that spectacular.

Most importantly I got achievements!

So then we are hanging around talking and I had fallen into a funk. I was feeling kind of sad that my gear sucked and that while I play WoW a lot, people still give me the “lrn 2 ply n00b!” treatment. Or just insult me outright over my gear. I don’t Raid, BG, PVP or any of that and yet someone my gear should be spectacular?

Then we got to talking on the guild I used to be in and why I left. I got tired of the new guild members being the “You don’t have enough numbers to play” kind of people. I got fed up so I left quietly, been guildless ever since.

Then Prig says I should join the guild his Priest is in because it’s just what I am looking for. A nice laid back guild full of people that are willing to be helpful and aren’t going to tell you that you play wrong. He told me there was a large number of female guild members and that I would like it because it would lower the testosterone level and make things a bit easier in his opinion.


So I joined this new guild and spent the rest of the time before bed talking in guild chat and getting to know my guildies while fishing. My fishing was at level 173 or thereabouts, it is now 200.


Overall, other than that moment where I was in a funk I think it was a great night. I got to reconnect with a long lost friend. Natch, Ara, and myself all found a new guild with Prig. And I got some achievements!


Warrior Alt Level UP!

February 1st, 2010

So as you may know from other entries I have a lot of alts, like almost 40 alts total. And most of them are not over lvl 20. I have a few in the 20’s and a couple in the low 30’s and that was as high as it got with one exception, my Warrior, the one I RP on frequently that would be lvl 80 by now if I didn’t RP on her so damn much.

Well I was on her last night and I hit lvl 50, aww yeah. Highest leveled alt to date WOO! This is not counting DKs cause they start at level 55 anyway.


Only 8 more levels until I can set toe in outland, though I am pretty sure everything will kill me if I even think about it. I still have  a lot of work to do and I will probably end up respecing her soon anyway.

It was nice to actually get to this point though. With as scatterbrained as I am, I am surprised I got to this level, especially with how long I go between playing sometimes as evidenced by the date gap in my achievements.



Silly Sunday: Story Time

January 31st, 2010

Sometimes my silly Sundays may not always be funny stuff I found on the tubes involving WoW.  Sometimes it is going to be stories from the game that I found particularly hilarious. Whether or not anyone else finds them funny is yet to be seen.

Sometimes it is hard for me to find a story that is appropriate for the rating level of this blog. It is not always strong language that is a problem, but most the people I tend to run around with are “dirty old men”. So while there is much hilarity to be had, I cannot always repeat a lot of it.

However a lot of the hilarity seems to come from the people I run with the most. Mikey is a constant source of humor because he tends to get lost a lot, or fall off of things, or run into elites and just.. yeah. I sometimes have to wonder about that boy. He is the only person I know that regularly falls off of every high place he is on. He is not allow in TB without an escort. There are certain instances we cant take him into because he falls into voids, or cracks in the floor that no one else can fall in, then he cant get out again.

I think the most fun that we had with that was when we logged into our Night Elves and decided that we would jump OFF the World Tree, just because! We took off all our armor and just jumped, it was a very long, very hilarious fall. I think we ended up doing it two more times before I almost got stuck on a branch. After that we decided to give it a break and actually continue leveling our characters.

Those were some good times. I have lots of stories from then when it was me and Mikey or me, Mikey and Prig. Sometimes I miss those days and I have one story that I think I am going to do some screen shot manips to tell. If for no other reason than its one of THE funniest stories from when Prig, Mike and Aith were in Outland.

Well this wasn’t the best Silly Sunday, but it has been a while so give me a break.

Updates and plans for this blog

January 30th, 2010

So I have not really decided yet what I am going to do with this blog. I know I want to start updating again, but I am not sure where to start. I have a bunch of screenshots I have been taking in preperation for this, but I still have not decided on an update schedule.

Things to come:

Acheivements - all the new acheivments my main has earned

Pets - Details on my vanity pets, God I love those little things

Alt updates - Updates on the alts I have been working on

RP - Maybe let you guys see some of the RP details

Regular features - Silly Sunday, Cosplay Friday, Pimpin blog o da week. Not sure if I am gonna keep these features or not.

Anyway those are just some ideas for future posts. Have to try and squeeze it all in between my homework, work, and actually playing WoW.


Not sure how to take this

January 27th, 2010

So a WoW friend of mine that we will call Rexx popped up on my messenger today and said “I think I found your theme song” and I responded “oh?” and then he showed me this:

I really am not sure how to take the insiuation here….

Bad Me! No Biscuit!

January 27th, 2010

So….. I really have no explination for myself. I have been so busy that something had to give and it was all my blogs. I am just now starting to figure out my schedule again.

So whats been going on is I work full time and I go to school full time. So there is not a whole lot left over with all my side stuff and actually having time to PLAY WoW, much less blog on it. But I have figured out a few things that might help.

I am also moving to a new house so right now my stuff is spread between two houses and it is kind of annoying.

I have been meaning to come back and have had lots of potential posts to make I just haven’t found the time.

I will try to be better, but posting every day was I think what killed me. I am going to rethink the layout on this and see what I have to work with.

So it is good to be back and I have another post coming after this.

Silly Sunday: Really now?

August 9th, 2009

So I was playing WoW today, havent really been able to play much. Anyway, I was playing WoW and I finally got my Plenty of Pets Achievement.


Then I noticed something I meant to post earlier.


I underlined the date so no one would miss what was so funny about this.

Considering how long I have been playing this game and how many times I have run people through that instance, well this is just funny to me.


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