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March 29th, 2009


As  you can see by the date I achieved this on the 20th. It wouldn’t have taken so long but I got lazy with the Belves after Wrath came out. Actually to be honest other than the elves I was Exalted with all but them and UC for a LONG time. It all had to do with my first mount and my desire to have a Wolf over a Kodo. Let me tell you that back then rep grinding to exalted at lvl 40 SUCKED.  My only comment “FUCK chen and his keg and I hope Drohn CHOKES on it!” *kaff* MOVING ON!

So yes I finally took a break from leveling and stuff and just blew through the Belf starting area then fwoom “Ambassador Aithrea”. My very first title *squee*.  I still need to finish the post on my take on the Achievement’s. But it’s taking a bit longer than I anticipated. I may have to break it down into 2 parts, haven’t really decided yet.

So I played for a bit last night and tried to do some dailies. Now the problem I seem to be having is that when I get off work I usually have about an hour before the dailies are “supposed” to reset. So I have been doing them right on the line. Some of them I do right before the timer goes away and others I do after. What I have noticed is the ones I do don’t always clear and I have to wait a day or 2 to do them again. This is causing some stress for me because I have to fly all over to see what is available. I never know if anything is going to be or not. My little blah/25 counter is NEVER right. So while off doing dailies for the Walri this conversation happened.

(Be advised STRONG GRAPHIC language)



As you can see I have the language of a drunken sailor with a severe case of tourettes while my partner in nonsense is quite the gentleman. I appreciate that he puts up with me and occasionally laughs at the things I say. He appreciates that I keep his ass alive and it’s not taking him 3 years to hit the next level cap.

Sometimes I feel bad because the only reason he isn’t lvl 80 is because of me. He would have his main, his first character up to 80 if he wasn’t playing on my whacked out schedule. He only levels Nacht with Aith. It’s sweet, but sometimes I really feel bad that he hasn’t hit 80 yet. Though his DK is 80 so I suppose that should make me feel better. He only plays Nacht with me, but he has other alts to pass his time with when I am not around.

I will leave you with some humerous screenshots . The reason its not the full page is my UI is ugly as hell and I see no reason to show off my screen of hidiousness when the funny can just be cut out.

3/14/09 - Not sure why this one is funny to me it just is.


The HAT - We both had this same hat. I had to get a picture of Nacht wearing this. I cannot remember when this was taken but it was a while ago.



The text on these is particularly amusing so I separated it to be easier to see.



Thats enough nonsense for now.


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