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So I decided since I was going to take my hunter through Kalimdor and level her there, that I would grab my Goblin Priest and move her over to the Eastern Kingdoms. I will still be leveling my Goblin Rogue through Kalimdor, but maybe not following her right away since I got all that covered with my hunter. I still haven’t decided if I am going to follow my Orc Monk or My Panda from Level 1 up yet.

So The Eastern Kingdoms. Now my Goblin is already level 26 so I will be skipping all the new stuff from Silverpine Forrest and Hillsbrad and going straight to The Arathi Highlands. Which kind of sucks because that is some really fun begining stuff, but I have no room left to start a new character until the next xpac, so we deal with what we have.

Maybe I will do 2 from level 1 up kind of things. but I doubt it. I know these are not interesting posts just yet, but they will be once I get into the habit of tracking what I am doing and keeping up with the more interesting goings on.

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