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So I created an Orc Huntress many many years ago, probably around the time of the BC expansion. I logged into her once, got her to level 15 and logged off. I ended up getting distracted by other alts and never really logging back into her. The main problem was I created her on a server that was not my main in order to play with one of my friends. When they quit playing I did not really go back to that server. Eventually I got her up to level 21, but she was on a server that had no support. I am not fond of the starting area and I had some funds and things on that server so I packed everything onto my Huntress and moved her to a server I play on regularly.

This server is Wyrmrest Accord(RP). Yes, I play on RP servers, what of it? I actually enjoy the environment and economy on WrA, as well as the community. It has quickly become my secondary main server. I balance my time between my main Eldre’Thalas and WrA regularly now. Though lately I have been favoring WrA, mostly because of the players there.

So now my Huntress is on WrA and I plan to level her from 21 on up there. I cannot track the first few levels as I do not remember where I quested with her. I plan to take the path from Ashenvale into Stonetalon, and over to the Barrens. I know there are some good quest chains there and some great story that I really want to get into. So I will be following my Huntress as I level her. Right now I need to finish the transfer and then maybe start playing her tomorrow or later this week. I probably wont update this story more than once a week though, so I am not flooding my blog with it, or I may do it daily, I don’t really know just yet.

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