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March 7th, 2009

There was a time when being a geek brought problems and you were met with teasing and in some cases swirlies. When a girl walking into a comic shop or game store earned more stares than the bearded lady in a side show. Those times are slowly but surely fading into the past. More and more females are getting into all things geek, and are having fun doing it. I know things are changing because I can’t seem to find any DS accessories in any colors other than pastel pink and white. Contrary to what many people in marketing and development seem to think, not all girls like pink. I for one can’t stand it, but I digress that is a rant for another time. Other signs that girl geekery is becoming mainstream other than pink gaming accessories are geek clothing geared for girls. Things like  “[epic] Chest” or “Girls Gone WoW”.

I know that when I first started playing WoW I was the only female player I knew of. Even on my main server It was over a year before I ran into another female. When I finally joined a guild I was one of 3 confirmed females in the entire guild. At the time the guild had almost 300 members, 220 if you didn’t count alts. Now when I log in, depending on the character, I have at least 3 people in my friends list I know are chicks. WoW isn’t the only geekery that females subscribe too but to keep this from being a massive wall of text I figured I would just stick to one thing at a time.

There are lots of blogs and sites out there from the guy gamer perspective I thought I would set one up from the opposite side of the fence. I know some of my early experiences in WoW , as far as socializing goes, were quite different than what most guys go through. I still remember some of the early conversations with my guild mates when my gender became known. All I have to say is hilarity ensued and I was held responsible for an instance wipe due to uncontrollable laughter. However, this is normal for me since I “bring the funny” and I don’t see how my gender entered into it but I digress.

Sorry, went a little rambly off-topic there. I am a wee bit spastic at times so that happens. The point of this blog is to hopefully be funny, informative and give a different perspective. I also want to invite other gamer girls to come out of the wood work and say “Hi”, gamer guys too. I would like to eventually turn this into a little bit of a community and invite some others to post their experiences, but to start it will be just me.

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