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Running Heroics and Fishing

February 6th, 2010

Ok, so I logged on and was doing the raptor daily on my DK when Oldprig hit me up asking if I would help them with a Raid level boss. I switched over to Aith and realized Ara was in the party so there was some reuniting and lots of joking around.

Something glitched somewhere and Prig could not find the boss so the group fell apart except Prig, Ara, Natch, and myself all stayed grouped together. We decided to use the random dungeon thing to find a 5th and run some heroics. Now, Natch and myself have shittastic gear, so we cannot hit the high level dungeons yet. Prig suggests that we do more heroics and get better gear since neither of us do BG or Raid.

So we pulled in a random Druid and he was a tree, so I went Boomkin and we pretty much pulled off a textbook run. There were a few glitches in the dungeon itself. Some frame skipping and enemies re-spawning that should not have, but other than that it was a clean run and I got the only druid drop which was not all that spectacular.

Most importantly I got achievements!

So then we are hanging around talking and I had fallen into a funk. I was feeling kind of sad that my gear sucked and that while I play WoW a lot, people still give me the “lrn 2 ply n00b!” treatment. Or just insult me outright over my gear. I don’t Raid, BG, PVP or any of that and yet someone my gear should be spectacular?

Then we got to talking on the guild I used to be in and why I left. I got tired of the new guild members being the “You don’t have enough numbers to play” kind of people. I got fed up so I left quietly, been guildless ever since.

Then Prig says I should join the guild his Priest is in because it’s just what I am looking for. A nice laid back guild full of people that are willing to be helpful and aren’t going to tell you that you play wrong. He told me there was a large number of female guild members and that I would like it because it would lower the testosterone level and make things a bit easier in his opinion.


So I joined this new guild and spent the rest of the time before bed talking in guild chat and getting to know my guildies while fishing. My fishing was at level 173 or thereabouts, it is now 200.


Overall, other than that moment where I was in a funk I think it was a great night. I got to reconnect with a long lost friend. Natch, Ara, and myself all found a new guild with Prig. And I got some achievements!


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    So, being an Ambassador, do we have to salute you now? *L*


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