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Problems with the Blog

February 6th, 2010

I am sure it was noticed that the blog was down for almost two months and that even though it has returned all of the images are missing.

What happened was my host had a catastrophic server failure on the server they had my sites stored on. Everything was lost and for some reason they could not find my back-ups. Thankfully I still had the database for this site, but some of the images did not transfer over for some reason.

What I am doing is slowly trying to locate the missing images and then load them back up on the site. Since most the data is there I figured the missing images was not too bad. Hopefully I will have this straightened out soon.


One Response to “Problems with the Blog”

  1. Atchoo

    Your tech-fu just rolled a natural 20 for recovery.

    Like you said, the images would hopefully have been stored locally somewhere.

    Good job getting back into the blog!

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