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Warrior Alt Level UP!

February 1st, 2010

So as you may know from other entries I have a lot of alts, like almost 40 alts total. And most of them are not over lvl 20. I have a few in the 20’s and a couple in the low 30’s and that was as high as it got with one exception, my Warrior, the one I RP on frequently that would be lvl 80 by now if I didn’t RP on her so damn much.

Well I was on her last night and I hit lvl 50, aww yeah. Highest leveled alt to date WOO! This is not counting DKs cause they start at level 55 anyway.


Only 8 more levels until I can set toe in outland, though I am pretty sure everything will kill me if I even think about it. I still haveĀ  a lot of work to do and I will probably end up respecing her soon anyway.

It was nice to actually get to this point though. With as scatterbrained as I am, I am surprised I got to this level, especially with how long I go between playing sometimes as evidenced by the date gap in my achievements.



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  1. Atchoo

    Level and achievements WINS!

    My shameful list of achievements is…well fail doesn’t even begin to describe.

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