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Silly Sunday: Story Time

January 31st, 2010

Sometimes my silly Sundays may not always be funny stuff I found on the tubes involving WoW.  Sometimes it is going to be stories from the game that I found particularly hilarious. Whether or not anyone else finds them funny is yet to be seen.

Sometimes it is hard for me to find a story that is appropriate for the rating level of this blog. It is not always strong language that is a problem, but most the people I tend to run around with are “dirty old men”. So while there is much hilarity to be had, I cannot always repeat a lot of it.

However a lot of the hilarity seems to come from the people I run with the most. Mikey is a constant source of humor because he tends to get lost a lot, or fall off of things, or run into elites and just.. yeah. I sometimes have to wonder about that boy. He is the only person I know that regularly falls off of every high place he is on. He is not allow in TB without an escort. There are certain instances we cant take him into because he falls into voids, or cracks in the floor that no one else can fall in, then he cant get out again.

I think the most fun that we had with that was when we logged into our Night Elves and decided that we would jump OFF the World Tree, just because! We took off all our armor and just jumped, it was a very long, very hilarious fall. I think we ended up doing it two more times before I almost got stuck on a branch. After that we decided to give it a break and actually continue leveling our characters.

Those were some good times. I have lots of stories from then when it was me and Mikey or me, Mikey and Prig. Sometimes I miss those days and I have one story that I think I am going to do some screen shot manips to tell. If for no other reason than its one of THE funniest stories from when Prig, Mike and Aith were in Outland.

Well this wasn’t the best Silly Sunday, but it has been a while so give me a break.

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  1. Atchoo

    I still remember jumping off that damned tree and getting butterflies in my IRL gut…>.<

    WTF? Seriously? Ugh..but yeah…good times.

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