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January 27th, 2010

So….. I really have no explination for myself. I have been so busy that something had to give and it was all my blogs. I am just now starting to figure out my schedule again.

So whats been going on is I work full time and I go to school full time. So there is not a whole lot left over with all my side stuff and actually having time to PLAY WoW, much less blog on it. But I have figured out a few things that might help.

I am also moving to a new house so right now my stuff is spread between two houses and it is kind of annoying.

I have been meaning to come back and have had lots of potential posts to make I just haven’t found the time.

I will try to be better, but posting every day was I think what killed me. I am going to rethink the layout on this and see what I have to work with.

So it is good to be back and I have another post coming after this.

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