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Silly Sunday: A Story

July 5th, 2009

It was Aith Prig and Mikey off on another whirlwind adventure through Azeroth. As usual I was either bait or heals. Which is hilarrious because I am a Balance druid. So we were running around doing a whole lot of nothing when for some reason we decided to go into WC. Now understand that this was not my choice. I hate that instance, hate it with the firey passion of 1000 suns. I let them know this of course in my own usual way. Something along the lines of “I am not (CENSORED) going into that (CENSORED!) instance again and you can kiss my (FOR THE LOVE OF.. CENSORED) while you (CENSORED CENSORED) my (CENSORED FOR THE LOVE OF THRALL CENSORED!!)”.

So there I was in WC grumbling under my breath and plotting the demise of the rest of my party when I wondered what exactly we were in there for. All of us were way above the requirements of this instance. I alone had been through it more times than I could count.  I noticed the silence of my partners and found it quite odd. Then suddenly Prig was tired and had to leave, so I asked why we were running it.

Apparently he was bored and he new I hated it, He just liked to get a rise out of me. I swear, that man knows how to push my buttons. He thought it was just hilarious and apperantly I expanded his vocabulary. Though not as much as I expanded his sons that one time before I knew it was his kid. Boy that was embarassing, but that story is for another time.

I keep meaning to write the story of Prig, but it’s hard. It’s still so fresh and it still hurts.

Sorry if this Sunday wasn’t as silly, been kind of off lately


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