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So here I am sitting in the Stormwind Stockades. Not really sure how I ended up here. I was just doin the whole honor/desecrate flames thing and suddenly, I am in Stormwind. Currently I am standing in the instance waiting to pounce out so I can steal the flame. Good times, good times.

So I stole the flame and ran like hell, and I MADE IT OUT ALIVE! I have a mage a druid and a DK on my ass. These people probably PvP for a living so I am sure they are pissed as hell that a mangy druid in crap gear with no PvP skills managed to escape.

I just have to say that I really love being a Druid. Being able to cast spells and change forms while running is probably what saved me. Now all I need is Ironforge and I will have stolen all the flames. Probably gonna nab that one on Sunday.

Well boyos, it’s 2 am, I am gonna go to bed.


4 Responses to “Should have taken that left turn at…”

  1. Sibyll

    Hihi yes, i can imagine how mad they were! :D

    But thats what i love on my druid too. The forms are awesome. I missed that with my other chars. Ok, vanish is cool too but the cool down …

  2. Syrana

    I usually like to grab Ironforge’s flame before Stormwind’s… but run for the tram! Their flame isn’t too far off where the tram tunnel is in IF. /salute Good luck sistah.

    Syrana’s last blog post..Sims Saturday: Evil Syrana Sim is Evil

  3. Kanti

    Heh, since I have never done this before I had no idea where the flames were. I am gonna try for Ironforge on sunday, but first some recon. get an alliance character all made up, maybe my DK and scout the area and see whats what.

  4. Atchoo

    “but first some recon”

    So, you’re a WoW version of James Bond…with boobs!


    Whut? You’re just THAT sneaky and THAT good. Nice plan, though about the recon.

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