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It’s not obvious is it?

June 22nd, 2009

I figured an appropriate Monday morning post would be to show off a small section of my desk.


huh… I really need to dust off ol Illy.. he needs it.

Yeah, it’s really not obvious at all how into WoW I am.

This is made especially funny since I am one of 3 women in my department and I have the most gamer stuff on my desk. I am in a mainly male dominated field, There aren’t too many Tech Chicks of my level. Most of them would not put up with this kind of nonsense actually.

So there is a peek into my world.


One Response to “It’s not obvious is it?”

  1. Atchoo

    And see, were these actual action figures instead of the awesome figurines they are, I could totally see you playing with them, forcing epic battles/alliances/whatever between them.

    Though I’m sure you’ve done just as much in your head, if not worse.

    …you sick puppy. *L*

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