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Silly Sunday: Gangsta elf

June 21st, 2009

Yo Yo Yo and a Homey Homey Homey


Why am I not shocked to see this guy plays a Blood Elf? I mean, because those guys are some hardcore ganstas, whut, yo!

In all seriousness I am really not sure what is happening in this picture….


One Response to “Silly Sunday: Gangsta elf”

  1. Atchoo

    He’s clearly the mad pimpage up in dis fo-shizzle mah nizzle yo…y’feel me?

    No…no we don’t.

    An open letter from the real world to the person in the picture:

    You are not “Big Pimpin” because you decide to show off your ill-gotten armaments and are a high-level BLOOD ELF in World of Warcraft! If you were an Orc however…

    P.S. Nice monitor.



    With all of that sick-blingage, how can he even see to play the game? He gets blinded by the bling, has to wear shades (and not because his Thug Future is that bright) and thus can’t even play!


    Ooh! Ooh! A tagline from the LOLCats generator!


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