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March 28th, 2009


Now that the oog has mostly left my person I am feeling better. I still have bouts of ooginess but those are few and far between. Since I have been feeling better I have taken some time over the last couple of days to play WoW.


Professions, everyone has 2 at least. The potential combinations create some interesting grinding. On my main server I had some odd combinations until I revamped  who had what. I did make one interesting choice. My Death Knight is a Herbalist/Miner. She is support for my Alchemist and Inscriptionist. As well as my Blacksmith, Jewelcrafter and Engineer. What they don’t use she sells. Considering what herbs are going for in the AH I should be able to make some spare gold this way.

The down side is that I can only really track one node type at a time. I have found an add on that has been pretty helpful so far but I just have to take time and grind the nodes as I come to them. 

The sad part is I was not paying attention and I have been maxed out at 75 on my mining for 4 days. -_-; I have to say that I am not amused with myself on this one and realize it will take even longer to get my DK to Outland. I decided I wasn’t going to level until I can actually get my professions leveled to match. It’s time consuming but I don’t mind it just gives me more to do.

I would not recommend Herbalism/Mining to most people. It takes a lot of patience and it’s BORING as hell. The only thing worse is leveling fishing. If you want to have just a resource money maker I would recommend either Herbalism/Skinning or Mining/Skinning. The only other one that I have noticed that makes a LOT of scratch is Mining/Engineer. True no one but other engineers can use your stuff but you can make the Mechanohog and you can farm things no one else can. So you can make some serious scratch that way.

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