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Here we have reason #237 as to why I prefer to just play by myself. I have specific people I play with and if they are not on, I just don’t run with anyone. Normally this rule has not led me astray, occasionally we invite others to join and it’s not usually a bad experience.

However, there are times that I wonder what is wrong with people. So, lemme splain what is going on here.

I had logged into WoW on one of my alts. Abys (one of Prigs alts) asked if I would log onto my main so I could run BWL and get the Achievement. The boy knows me well. So I log onto Aith and I am pulled into a raid, I am in group 2 all alone so I do not see the drama that has been unleashed in the general party chat for group 1. I have no clue that something is amiss, even after another person joins me in my group. No one clues us in to any goings on.

So there I am dropping what I am doing and heading off to meet up, I have just landed and I am kicked from the raid. All I get are some grumblings from Abys as I group with him and Nacht to figure out what was going on. Now All I know is a female tauren druid (not me) with a name that is very close to Melodrama (which is what I call her now) apparently had some sort of hissy fit. something about Tier 2 armor and.. I don’t really understand.

This would have been my 2nd raid, and I am still not up on all the terms, but this was well below our levels since all but 2 people were lvl 80. I am not 100% sure what was going on. Now, I was already in a pissy mood and here I was being dragged off what I was doing for nothing. So I politely told Abys to NOT invite me to things until his shit was together in the future.  He suggested we get me attuned anyway in case I wasn’t already (which I wasn’t)

So we go through that and we are almost done when some people join our group and it turns out they want to try BWL, at this point I am just “whatever” about the whole lot of it. I was playing WoW and that was really all that mattered at that point. So we molest the blue ball to get me attuned then head out to the green orb to enter the raid instance. Here is where the nonsense REALLY picks up.

(I have screenshots of the conversation just in case)

So I am standing by the orb and there is some trouble with some of the members getting in. Apperantly instances had been full on my server most the day and this was one of those times. We finally got in but 2 of the members were still locked on the first boss from a previous raid (the one with melodrama) so we could get all but 2 people in. Now out of no where I see white text on my screen indicating someone is talking to me outside of the party.

“hey you cunts get out of my instance”
and there was something else but I am going off memory here cause I don’t have the screenshots of this little gem of a conversation on me.

Now, I am a bit lost and I am not sure whats going on but it appeared that I was the one being addressed so I whispered to the person, Just for clarification. “Beg your pardon?” and lets just say it went down hill from there, VERY down hill. It all ended with me having to ignore the Drama Lama. Which apparently made her angry because I got in a parting shot before ignoring her which did not allow her to respond. So she started whispering and bitching at the guy who was the raid lead.

I apologized and explained she was yelling at me to get out of her instance but I just had to ignore her and I didn’t mean for it to spill over.

Needless to say I left the raid group having filled my quota for nonsense this month and let them sort it out. I have no idea what was wrong with that person but THAT is why I do not PUG, THAT is why I do not RAID and THAT is why I just don’t play well with others, because others are assholes.

I am just done with this nonsense. Is it really that hard to be a civil human being while online? Is it so difficult to just, be polite and tolerant. I am not saying anyone has to like everyone, just not be a complete and total asshat douchebag all the time.

/rant off


3 Responses to “Does not play well with others”

  1. Atchoo


    I mean…just…wow…I’ve heard of complete douchebaggery in game before, but that was Tier 8 epic level douchebaggery.

    “Get out of my instance” indeed. I mean seriously, there’s enough to go around, and if that person was THAT immature as to essentially lay claim to the thing…well IMHO they have no right playing the game in the first place.

    Melodrama: I was here first!

    By the way…didn’t work in the 4th grade, not gonna work now.

  2. Kanti

    The screenshots I have are funny, but I admit I was not very nice right back to her.

    It’s just frustrating since I had nothing to do with any of it and she just went off all over me.

  3. girliegeek

    I share in your sentiment of playing alone. I NEVER instance with a random group. Generally, my fiancee will ask me to help heal a guild run and I’ll happily do so for them, however PuGs are a recipe for disaster as most people simply do not have the social skills to play nice with other people.

    girliegeek’s last blog post..Waiting Sucks!!

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