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Instance running

May 25th, 2009

So, my warrior has been run through SM about 50 times. At this point I will be able to wear plate before I get the set so I am just going to move on. I have never had a full set of anything before, so I was kinda hoping to get one.

Playing my warrior has made me realize a few things, The most important being, I MISS MY DRUID! It sucks not being able to heal when things get sticky. I have to be more careful about what I do, because I can’t just throw a heal if I oops. The other thing I realized was that random people will PM you to tank things all the time.¬† I had no idea that warriors got hit up this much. I get tons of whispers for “can you tank (instance here)” I always decline because¬† I just don’t like to PUG.

Sorry for the lack of updates I have been super busy. There should be more coming soon though.


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  1. Atchoo

    My DK toons get hit up a lot too for tanking requests. Granted they’re in the 60s for their levels and start with plate by default, but for someone who’s used to standing back and tossing lightning/heals when grouped up, it can be a bit daunting.

    I’ve relented a few times and run some Auchindoun instances…wiped no less than 3 times. Yeah…I definitely need to practice more before I decide to try and tank anything.

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