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Shifting Gears

May 18th, 2009

I have been playing on my main server almost exclusively and I realize that I have been neglecting characters I really enjoyed playing. I logged into my Warrior on WA and really had a good time playing her. I had forgotten why it was I created her, and after a few minutes I realized why. Warriors are just fun to play.

Of course I ran through 2 quests before realizeing that I had not reallocated my talent points. It was amazing how much less I sucked once I did that.Although I switched Specs, I am going to try Fury and see if I like it. I have noticed my health drops faster though.

Now I am not saying I don’t like my main server. I love it, I love playing with people that I know and talk to out side of the game, but I miss playing on my other servers. WA is a RP server and I had forgotten how much I miss that aspect of the game. I had a great time just running around on my Warrior doing quests, but when an old RP buddy logged on the game changed and I became more engrosed in it.

I love to RP, I always have and I am actually quite good at multi-tasking. I can RP and play the game at the same time. I have actually RPed while instancing, which I have to say is pretty crazy but fun!

So I think I am going to switch gears for a bit. I am going to focus on getting my Warrior to outland. It will take a while since it’s a RP server and sometimes I get distracted with the RP aspect, but I will focus on leveling her for a while. Except on Sundays. Sunday is now my Main server night. I may even start raiding, since it’s my guilds raid night. Not sure about that though. I don’t want to do too much at once. I may focus on my Death Knight instead.

Anyway, the point of all this is just me switching gears in my brain. It’s been a while since I enjoyed the lower levels and RPed so I think I want to get back into that for a while.

Who knows, I may even post a few RP logs.


3 Responses to “Shifting Gears”

  1. Atchoo

    Can’t wait to see what goes on during your RP sessions! I have shiny syndrome to the Nth degree, and doing an RP while in an instance would end in a total party wipe…*blush*

    Granted, I haven’t done RP of any sort in game for quite a while, so maybe I should try it again to see how I fare.

  2. bob jones

    I also have noticed that I often neglect allot of characters that I enjoy. My paladin is lvl 80 right now and really fun to play as. While I have others that are not as high level and often end up dying allot. That can always be frustrating causing me to not want to play them. I was following a world of warcraft guide on http://www.hiddenstuff.com/ for a warlock and decided to start one. I found that they are really fun! Anyways, all the best!

  3. Kanti

    Yeah I don’t know what makes me step away from my alts and then come back later, but certain classes are just more fun to play than others.

    I may have to check that link out.

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