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It is time once again for the Blog of the Week (it’s much more fun if you hear it in the head the same way they said “Pigs in space” on the Muppet show. Yes.. I am that old. hoosh.))

Today we will be featuring one of the blogs that I read and comment on regularly. I love the way this blog is written and I really do share a lot of the same thoughts and opinions as the writer of this blog. I try to support this particular blog as much as possible

I give you:  Nassias Rage

I swear that my love of this blog is not biased by the fact that the creator plays a Tauren. It just happens to be a coincidence. So please show this blog some love and support!

Nassias Rage, you have earned your Horde Honey seal of approval for just being. Thanks for everything you have shared so far and I hope for much more in the future.



One Response to “Blog of the Week: Nassias Rage”

  1. Atchoo

    I swear, you’re trying to kill my browser by linking so many awesome WoW blogs, that it’s a genetic compulsion for me to bookmark them.

    Yay browser death! ^_^

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