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Sick Snake

April 30th, 2009

I have a sick snake that needs to go to the vet in the morning. I am honestly not sure what will happen. He is old and it looks quite serious. Mikey may “just be a snake” in some peoples minds, but he has been my companion for years. I have lots of good memories and stories with him. One that is both amazing and hilarious.

Since I do not know what will happen I am not sure if I will be updating as frequently the rest of this week. I still have content written that is already scheduled to run, but there might be a few gaps at the very least no post on Friday and the one on Sat may be a bit late.

I know it seems silly, both to be this upset over a snake, and to be posting about a snake on a WoW blog. Thats just the kind of person I am, weird and unpredictable.


So I took Mikey to the vet and thankfully whats wrong with him can be cured. I still have a sick snake, but at least it’s not a dying snake. I have to give him Oral antibiotics (you have NO idea how much fun this isn’t) and the soak him for 15 minutes before puting ointment on him. No more live mice either.  Mikey will live though and thats what important. Note about sick snakes, it makes them more cuddly.




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  1. Atchoo

    It doesn’t matter the species of companion. So long as you have loved and cared for them enough that you actually DO worry about them…well Mikey is very lucky to have you.

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