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I had my cherry popped!

April 28th, 2009

…. my Raid cherry anyway *chuckles*. Forgive the crassness I could not help myself. So there I was trying to participate in the Noblegarden activities and being bored and frustrated. I really wish they had not limited where the eggs show up to such small areas. It makes it very very hard to gather any eggs.

So anyway, I was trying to find eggs and not doing so well when one of the guild members asked if anyone wanted to do Onyxia’s Lair. I did not raise my hand, in fact it took quite a  bit of convincing to get me to go.  I told the Raid Leader I have never been in a Raid before and he promised that it would be easy and that I would be ok. So..  I agreed.. and there I was.. in my first raid!


I took some screenshots. I had 4 level 80’s and a lvl 61 cloth wearer in my group. Since I am a Healkin I made sure to keep an eye on the Lock so he wouldnt get toasted. I really didn’t have anything to worry about, but since I was new I was determined not to screw up. I made sure to prepare myself

(enlarge to read the text, it’s the important part)


So there I was ready for my first raid, um… please ignore my ugly UI, I have no idea where to find a decent one and I am kind of set in my ways. Anyway, so I kept an eye on the lowbie and threw damage spells when I could, then I was attacked by a flock of little dragons which I took out easily with a couple of AOEs. I was so surprised I survived that I didn’t take any loots, I was just happy to be alive!

More screenies. (click for full size)


On the DPS chart I am number 7, not bad for a Healkin with crap gear. Nacht was #2 of course. and that was only because he was holding back.



And to top it off here is some extra achievement stuff to look at.



So yeah, all in all it was a lot of fun. I think we are gonna do AQ next. Eventually I will be able to do big people raids!


3 Responses to “I had my cherry popped!”

  1. girliegeek

    Woohoo!! Welcome to the raid world!! I have very fond memories of Onyxia raids :)
    girliegeek’s last blog post..Tweet Tweet

  2. Kanti

    Yeah it was a really quick tank n spank. Nothing serious, but it was actually a lot of fun. It will be a long while before I am ready for the big person raids though.

  3. Atchoo


    “Big person raids”…that was just cute. I’ll dispense with any short jokes, lest I get beat down. Though that might do me some good…*L*

    Definitely not bad rankings for the DPS chart though, all things considered.

    Question: I’ve not been in a raid of this magnitude–only where a group of us got together and ransacked (insert piddly Ally town here)–but what does it mean “you are now saved to this instance”?

    And yes, I know the basic mechanics of an instance, but I’ve never done one in a raid scenario.

    I’ve seen Onyxia’s head on the post in Orgrimmar after someone keels her, but holy crap! She’s HUUGE! @.@

    *kaff* Yeah, for having a main toon FINALLY at level 71, I’m still quite the rookie…*hide*

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