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So I had a day off the other day, like ya do, and after finishing all the stuff I really needed to get done I decided to get some quality time in with WoW. Due to work and other things in my life WoW kind of had to take a back seat for a couple of weeks. I wasn’t thrilled but it had to be done.

So there I was staring at my screen wondering what to do. I knew that I really should work some more on Aith and getting her epic flap. I mean my gold isn’t going to just show up magically, right? … right? maybe? anyone? *ahem* anyway, so I thought about it but I really didn’t want to log into Aith. Since hitting 80 people have been expecting more out of me than I think I can give. So I usually prefer to have a concrete plan for Aith before logging on, otherwise I get sucked into all kinds of randomness.

So I logged onto Gaianna. I FINALLY got her mining and herbalism up to the point where she could go to Outland, so I get there and run a few quests and then realize that my cooking and fishing are well.. pretty pathetic. SO it’s back to Azeroth.

Let me tell you something. There is nothing quite like spending hours trying to level your fishing and cooking. At one point I became so bored my eyes started to feel sore and kinda heavy so I went and took a nap.  After getting up I went back to fishing and it’s now up to 200. I honestly do not know how I am going to get through the next 100 levels of fishing without dying of absolute boredom, well that or a serious case of eyebleedy.

I did however take a break and went back to outland for 2 hours and leveled to 60 at least. Now I just have to log back in and fish but I think I am going to join in on the whole Noblegarden thing when I get home since that started Sunday. I have no idea how well it will go with my schedule though.

I figure I will just do it at my own pace and hope I can get everything I want out of it. I love the holidays that WoW puts forth they are always fun.

Ok, I am off to go look for some eggs!


One Response to “If boredom could kill you I’d be dead”

  1. Atchoo

    So clearly fishing was “egg-xacerbating” for you? Nothing to “yolk” about, hmm? I bet you were more than “egg-static” about finally getting your fishing to an “egg-ceptional” level for Outland.


    Well SOMEONE had to get the egg puns in, right? *L*

    Though nowhere near as bad as this monstrosity.

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