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Running in circles in RFK

March 12th, 2009


Ran my Funklock through another instance. Same two guildies helping me out. Before we got started though we ran into some alliance characters that apparently must have shared the same bowl of stupid that the elf from my main server had been eating. A handful of Hordies got involved and a good time was had by all. After much sobbing and beging for their lives eventually they got wise and hearthed. About 30 minutes after it all started the impromptu camping trip was over.

I will write a blog about PvP once I understand it a little better so lets move on to the instance run.

This was an instance that neither of my guildmates were particularly familiar with. It was probably skipped over in favor of something else so I was the only one that had any knowledge of the lay out, and relying on my memory is not always a good thing. We managed to clear the dungeon just fun but with at least twice the amount of backtracking that I am used to. There was no order, only chaos. Honestly for a bit we kind of ran in circles while we tried to find where we hadn’t killed things.

I was perfectly ok with this and so were the guildies so no one complained. However I can see how something like this would probably get on the nerves of a less casual player. I am used to being run through dungeons and really only ever had to pull my weight on my main. I wonder if it’s crippled my play style a bit. I turn down offers to join PUGs for many reasons. The main reason being I have never really truly had to RUN an instance until Outland and even then I was a Balance druid throwing heals (don’t ask how this is supposed to make sense, it isn’t. Just realize how many levels of awesome I have to be to pull that shit off.)

One of these days I am going to have to find a group of same level individuals that are patient and learn how to Tank, DPS, and polish up my healing. Just like one of these days I am going to have to set foot into the BG or learn to PvP properly. While I am at it maybe I should try raiding and have 25 people yell at me because I don’t know what I am doing.

On second thought I will stick to casual gaming. Some people take this stuff way to seriously and I really just like to enjoy the game. Probably why my main isn’t lvl 80. I am not blowing through Northrend. I am reading each and every quest and enjoying the story and the sights and everything that is new. All too soon it won’t be new anymore. It’s an amazing story and I have to say I was moved by the Wrathgate cutscene. (For anyone that has not seen this I will not ruin it but I have to say it took my breath away. Anyone else notice that Garrosh has gone from being emo to being a total asshat?)

Anyway my Lock dinged so I updated her little thing. I will have to make sigs for all my alts and such. (side note she is like lvl 13 in the image I used for the sig, needs some updating.)


2 Responses to “Running in circles in RFK”

  1. Atchoo

    Movin’ right along, chikka-boom, chikka boom. *L*

    Sounds like you’re having tons of fun over there on Steamwheedle.

    One thing I meant to ask: how’s the economy on that server? Comparable to the one your main is on? Worse? Better? Inquiring minds must know! ;)
    And yes, you are levels of teh awesome to pull of that spec with your Oomkin…hehe. Making sense of things is so passé. Which is why this game is also awesome that it lets you take talents that conform to YOUR playing style instead of committing to a cookie-cutter version.

    Keep up the posts!

  2. Kanti

    Compared to some RP servers the economy on Steamwheedle is not too bad. I know Moonguard has one seriously messed up economy but thats because it has been around so long and is so popular.

    The reason I play the way I do is I have solo’d a good part of the game. For the first 6months to a year that I played I played alone. No one taught me and I didn’t read any “how to” type things. Basically it was trial and error. with healing it’s all about timing and how many hits a race/class can take. I learned by watching the HP bar when I finally started doing instances. Certain races/classes lose larger chuunks of health faster than others. I may just write a blog on how I play my druid since its so different from the norm.

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