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So  I covered griefing when you are the griefee, now I am going to play Devils Advocate and look at it from the view of the griefer. Please remember that I don’t activly participate* in griefing, this is just for the purpose of spreading knowladge.

Section 1: So you want to be a Griefer

You have come to the decision that you want to make other people miserable for whatever reason your brain has decided. Maybe your mom yelled at you, maybe your boss wrote you up at work, maybe your dog just broke up with you, well whatever the reason you have decided that you are going to take your sadness/frustrations/feelings of inadequacy/whatever out on someone else and  you are going to do it in WoW.

First you have to select your victim. Now there are several levels of griefing and it depends on if you are on a PvE or PvP server (RP servers get their own post because.. well I need to find some lollerskates in my size) as to what type of griefing will be easiest for you to participate in. So lets break it down.

PvE- the griefening

On a PvE server certain types of griefing are harder to participate in because you have the option of turning your PvP flag to off. My flag is permanantly set to off and only goes on when it is tripped. Most people play on PvE servers to avoid the whole PvP aspect of the game. So finding a corpse to camp may be difficult, but don’t worry there are plenty of things you can do to make other people just as miserable as you are.

If you are a high level character you can head to the starting areas and make an attempt to kill all the quest creatures.  This can be difficult since the area is usually over populated with these creatures so that there is plenty to go around. But with enough determination and some really nice AOE attacks you can make it a lot more difficult for those noobs to get anything done.

If you are able to, go into an area and clean out all the ore, herbs and if you can skin everything. this will keep people from actually being able to level their professions without making purchases in the AH. Not only do you get to annoy people, but you can make some gold off it too.

Spawn camp a boss or quest mob. Basically find a quest that people seem to be doing and just camp the boss. Kill  him and when he respawns, tag and kill him again. This is really effective during holiday events if you can locate the spawn that is needed for (insert quest here).

Head to the start area of the opposite faction and start killing the quest givers. Keep killing all the quest givers and just raiding that town for several hours. Don’t worry the noobs will love it and it will teach them that life is pain. Oh and maybe if you frustrate them enough you can make them leave and then you win right?

Head to crossroads and kill all the quest givers and the flight master. Since it’s crossroads and everyone has to kind of be there it’s going to be the most bang for your buck. If you happen to be alliance that is. Not sure what the Alliance equivalent of XR is, but if you Hordies can find it, burn it to the ground and salt the earth so nothing can ever grow again.

If you have done all that and you still haven’t satisfied your inner asshat, search the lowto midlevel areas for people with their PvP flag up. Since all you are doing is griefing you might as well kill those that pose no threat and have no way of defending themselves. It makes your victory that much sweeter when you know that you managed to defeat such an awsome foe that never really had a chance to begin with.

Once all of that is done you should celebrate and brag about it all on the WoW forums. Don’t worry you wont be flamed you will be seen as the God you truly are by your peers!

PvP- the return of the revenge of the griefening

If you are lucky enough to be on a PvP server, well then, the whole world is your bitch. You can do everything listed above and then some! Not only can you run though the oposing faction starting areas and kill everything that moves, but whole new areas of the world are open up just for you to slaughter.

Since you cannot turn your PvP flag off unless you are in a non-contested area you can just camp all the corpses you want. Infact why bother killing quest givers and quest mobs when you can just kill the players. And don’t stop at once! Make sure you kill them at least. oh, I dunno, 50 times or so. If you can, try and keep it up for at least an hour. Hopefully they are willing enough to continue to return to their body so you  don’t have to move much and make sure to bring plenty of marshmallows. HEY! you should also make sure and invite some guildies along, not right to keep all the newb camping to yourself right?

Really there isn’t a whole lot to say on this subject I mean basically you find someone or a group of someones and you make their game play experience as awful as possible. There is really only so many ways you can rehash this idea, but if you get creative maybe you can find new ways!

Section 2: Lets have fun with it

So you want to torment people but you don’t really want to be “that guy”. You have the desire to be obnoxious but not an asshat. Well you are in luck because there is something you can do that is like griefing, but no one really gets hurt.

This can work either with those on your own side, or those of the opposing faction. It works better if you do it to the opposing faction. Though on PvP servers becareful because if you annoy someone enough they will find someone to kick your ass.

The stalker

Find someone, preferrably someone in the low level areas, and follow them. Don’t kill their prey, don’t attack them, don’t even interact with them by talking or emoting. Just follow and watch them. This takes a lot of patience, but if you really put your mind to it you can really freak the other person out. You aren’t hurting them or their ability to play the game, but you might just make them very paranoid. If you happen to be a Tauren you can “hide” behind bushes as you watch your prey.

The fakeout

So find somone of a lower level that has no way to defend themselves against you that also happens to have their PvP flag on. Target them and emote at them. Vary your emotes to make them nervous and follow them around for a while. They wont know if you are going to kill them or not, you can also make them think that  you will if you want to.

Group efforts

Get some like minded people together and just run amok on the server. The best example I have ever seen of this is something I wish I could have participated in. Sadly it was not on my server and I am HORDE.

“On Saturday, April 26th, a group of Druids from the Penny Arcade Alliance gathered together into a murder of crows, and proceeded to terrorize the unsuspecting Horde of the Dark Iron server.”

Video here:

Organizing events like that take time and effort but in the end they are worth it.

The Final Word:

You want to be a griefer and nothing in the world will stop you. Just keep in mind that some people don’t take being griefed really well and you may find yourself on the receiving end of some pay back or a GM ticket. As funny as it would be to see people banned from the game for being asshats, I am not sure it’s ever happened yet. Yet being the operative word there, realize that you might just be the first. Think about that the next time you feel like spending hours tormenting someone.

Though I suppose the admiration of your guild and forum goers for being so uber leets and pwning those newbs  is really more important that doing anything productive.

If anyone that actively participates in extreme griefing takes issue with my posts here, please feel free to leave a comment. All flamers will be pointed and laughed at.


*  I have in the past griefed people, though it’s usually in reatliation of something someone has done to piss me off. It’s rare that I set out to be obnoxious**

** Ok, there have been a few instances where yes, I just wanted to give the Alliance a hard time. I don’t know why, I just do.  I, however, keep my griefing sessions to short bursts so that I am only a minor annoyance for a short period of time and do not interfere with their ability to fully enjoy the game. I am not that much of a bitch***.

*** *sigh*.. I AM that much of a bitch, but not in this specific capacity.

2 Responses to “Griefing: I am your worst nightmare”

  1. Atchoo

    Having been the victim of griefing in the past, I’d probably only be the griefer-lite version, just for small bits of antagonizing or inducing paranoia in a particular player.

    Fortunately, not many people share my views on the game in general, and as such, just wouldn’t “get it” as far as trying to understand what possible enjoyment I would get out of causing some mild irritation. Though just like a rug burn, that irritation will stay with my chosen victim for a while. *evil grin*

    And that PA section was really funny to see. Seeing a murder of crows just hovering over you would be unsettling, to say the least, in reality. Looking skyward in the game would just be down right creepy.

    Player 1: *points skyward* WTF mate…they’re watching us…

    Player 2: Whut? *if possible, gets crow droppings on his shoulder*

    Player 1: Oh that…that’s just wrong…

    And naturally, things would just devolve from that point forward. Too bad Blizz took out the ability to divebomb while shape-shifted. THAT…would be levels of awesome.

  2. Kanti

    Yeah the dive bombing thing was pretty much the only way I griefed and honestly what I was doing wasn’t really griefing. I would just pester someone for like a minute then leave.

    The closest I came to griefing seriously was that one night elf that had a bowl of stupid for breakfast. She/he/it kept trying to raid the lowbie Horde areas.. alone I might add. So I just kept killing her/him/it so the noobs could turn in quests and such. Though the death knight that joined me might have taken it a bit too far. He chased and followed the elf killing her/him/it every time he/she/it res’d.

    good times.. good times…


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