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Everyone has been a victim of griefing at some point. If you play an MMO you have been griefed. You may not realize that’s whats happening, so lets define griefing.

A griefer is a player who plays a computer game simply to aggravate and harass other players.

Griefing then would be the actions perpetrated by the Griefer.

So now that we have defined it, what does it really mean. To break it down I will give some examples of griefing. Not all of these are actions that have been perpetrated against me personally, but they are either actions I have seen done to others or have been reported to me by friends and guildmates.

Section 1: Examples

Example 1: Hey, I was killing that!
Say you are out completing a quest and the object is to kill x number of y creatures. You are minding your own business when someone comes in and starts killing all the creatures.

It is NOT griefing if there is plenty to go around and they are not always targeting what you are targeting.

It is griefing if they go out of their way to figure out what you are aiming for and tag the target before you can. If it’s actually true griefing it will be obvious because they will do this for a long period of time. Long after they have killed enough to meet quest requirements and it’s clear they are just being obnoxious.

Side note: Just because a high level character is in a low level area does not mean they will grief. Keep in mind that some people may be Rep grinding and are not intentionally trying to be obnoxious.

Personal note: If I am rep grinding in a low level area and there are level appropriate people trying to do their quests, I make sure that I am not interfering with their ability to advance. It’s just my way of not being a total dick.

Example 2: OH Node!

We have all been there. We see a gold dot on our minimap and rush to (mine for fish/pick weeds) collect the item that is showing up. We get there only to have someone ride up and steal it from under our noses. Or, we are attacked and while occupied someone swoops in and takes it.

This is not technically griefing. Nodes are scarce and it’s a first come first serve basis. Now proper etiquette would be that if the person that happens upon you while you are fighting were of the same faction, it would behoove them to ask if you wanted that node. Of course proper etiquette does not exist so only the most polite players do this. If however the usurper is of the opposite faction, you are on your own.

The situation when this activity becomes griefing is when someone actively follows you around and repeatedly swipes your nodes. Chances are they don’t even need the nodes and they really are just doing it to be obnoxious.

Side note: Be aware that there are people out there that farm nodes for one reason or another. They may not realize that they are taking the items that you need. If the person is of the same faction, you can always whisper them and ask. If it’s the opposite faction there really isn’t a lot you can do.

Personal note: I have a DK I use to farm both Ore and Herbs because I have a ton of alts that need supplies and the AH is too expensive. I try to make sure that I do this during NON peak times and in usually empty areas.

Example 3: Hey, pass the marshmallows.

When people in an MMO talk about camping, I can assure you that a tent is not involved. In fact, they don’t even need to leave the comfort of their own chair to do it, how convenient is that.

Definition from - http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Corpse+camping

“Corpse camping is a practice found in many MMORPGs, where an enemy player character (PC) kills another PC in player versus player combat and then loiters in the area of the dead PC’s corpse. The mechanics for recovering one’s body differ per game, but generally a PC must return to the area where he died to recover his body or face severe penalties. Those who corpse camp take advantage of these rules by waiting for the dead character to return to life, usually in a weakened state, and then killing him again when his defenses, mana and hit points are not at full capacity.”

Basically you enter into a PvP situation and are killed then the person that killed you waits for you to res in some fashion and kills you again. True corpse camping would be to do this in excess of 4 times in one day, since after 4 times you can no longer earn honor points in WoW for that particular individual dying by your awesomely leet hands.

Corpse camping can range anywhere from mild to frustratingly extreme. Mild corpse camping can generally be ignored, because the person has a short attention span. So waiting 5 or 10 minutes before going back to your corpse will usually help with that.

Extreme corpse camping (ECC) is when the situation goes from being an annoyance to genuine griefing. My definition of ECC is any situation where you are being camped for more than 15 minutes. I know some people feel that any time you are killed more than twice it’s camping, but since WoW will give you Honor Points up to 4 times, I figure that anything more that 4 kills of  your character, or 15 minutes is pretty much the other player being a prick.

Most cases of ECC can go anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. There are some instances where the camper will follow the campee around for several days making it virtually impossible for the campee to play.

If you are being camped there are a few things you can do:

You always have the option to res at the spirit healer and either wander to a nearby city to wait it out or Hearth. Of course if you don’t want to pay the repair bill or your Hearth is on cooldown this wont help.

You could log into an alt. The kind of person that usually does the camping is pretty immature and will usually grow bored very easily. Even if you were in the middle of something, you could always log on an alt and do a single quest or level your professions a bit. You would be surprised how much time can pass just checking mail and dealing with the AH.

You could find something else to do. I know, I know, blasphemy right? but seriously, there is more to life than WoW. It would not kill you to take a break, maybe watch some TV or grab a snack. You could take a quick shower, or maybe do some chores. If you have a pet, spend some time with them, show them you still notice they are there.

Now if you do log onto an alt or find something else to do for a while and find that 30 minutes/and hour/a day later you are still being camped you have a problem. This is no ordinary camper this guy is that which cannot die. Also known as that douchebag asshat with no life. They truly have nothing better to do than to sit in the same spot for hours on end. Their lives are so devoid of, well, anything really that they don’t even feel the passage of time. For them, life is a miserable sucking black pool of loserdom, and this is the only way they can make themselves feel better.

Section 2: What you should do about it when it gets out of hand

In most situations there is really nothing you can do. The GMs get flooded with tickets every day and they try their best to get to each one as fast as possible. In most cases the situation sorts itself out and you can move on. Yes it is annoying, yes it is frustrating as hell, but remember you can control how much it affects you. I personally just take a deep breath, sip some tea and pet my dog. Worst case scenario I yell obscenities at the screen and log onto an alt just to get away from it.

In the extreme cases however where the same person is griefing you for hours or days. When you are actually incapable of actually playing the game, this is when a GM needs to be involved. Remember hat when you submit a ticket that you have to stay logged onto that character, also be prepared for a long wait on some days. It’s best if the griefing is going on while the ticket is being submitted so you have some proof.

If you submit a ticket be prepared. Do not yell, do not cry and do not act an ass. Speak in proper English (or whatever language your server is in) and calmly explain the problem. When a GM gets to your ticket they will go over the details of the ticket with you. Again, be calm and explain in an intelligent way what is happening. Provide them with any details they ask for. IF you have the ability, get video of the griefing and let the GM know you have it and offer to show it to them. They may decline, but some may not. Try not to let your frustration turn you into a complete asshat. The GM is only trying to help you, if you act like a jerk they will be less inclined to want to help you.

The Final Word:

When all is said and done, no one likes being griefed. Everyone has been griefed at some point and most people have actually done griefing, usually out of retaliation or frustration from being griefed in the first place.  So when you are playing WoW try to keep a few things in mind.

1. No one likes asshats. They serve no purpose and never fit properly.

2. WoW is supposed to be fun, so if you feel the only way you can feel good about yourself is to wave your e-peen(ladies can do this too) and gain your only pleasure from the suffering of others; seek help, and lots of it.

3. It’s all fun and games to you until you grief a particularly resourceful individual that uses (tech knowledge I won’t list here lest I give people ideas), and google big brother (holy shit I can see my house) to find your ass and punch you square in the face.

3 Responses to “Griefing: Being griefed and what to do”

  1. Buel

    Hi there.

    Thought i’d finally stop lurking and add a comment. Great article, there always seems to be one or two individuals who think that griefing is acceptable, from my experiences my frustrations lie with those who cant help ganking a “lowbie” it seems that sometimes they just ride around lowbie zones looking to get that kill.

    whilst I’m here I’d just like to add that you are my “Featured Site of the Week” a feature I run over at Buel’s World - spreading the links to my favourite websites.


    Buel’s last blog post..Yes, Yes, it’s “that” time again.

  2. Kanti

    I remember when I first started playing some alliance had decided to raid Bloodhoof Villiage. They repeatedly slaughtered the quest givers for about 2 hours. I don’t really know what they got out of it oter than seeing some frustrated lowbies.

    I am honored to be a featured site on your blog. It’s a surprise since I’m the new person around these parts.

    Thank you,


  3. Atchoo

    Behold, ladies and gents: The Great Wall of Text!™ *L*

    That’s obviously not meant to discourage such posts in the future and it was a very easy and well planned read.

    Thankfully, I’ve only been griefed upon once or twice in the game. When I first started, someone duped me into thinking that if I flagged myself for PVP that I would get some sort of stat increase for strength or something. He was about 10 levels higher than me. Then he had his alliance character–which, if I recall, had close to, if not the exact same name as his Horde counterpart–beat the tar out of my character. The other time was some asshat raiding party continuously killing every NPC in CrossRoads. But XR is basically like Nebraska *eyeball twitch*–middle of nowhere, flat as a pancake and little more than a speed bump on the ass end of Azeroth. Thankfully, it’s Horde territory, so that saves it from being total fail.

    World Defense: The Crossroads is Under Attack!

    Player: *sigh* And this is news…how? I mean really? That’s the best they can do?

    Thank (insert deity of choice here) they haven’t invented smells for the game yet. Dustwallow Marsh or Swamp of Sorrows would surely kill the millions of players.

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