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WoW Fail Blog EC Contest

April 21st, 2009

The WoW fail blog is holding a Entrecard contest to help them redesign their site.

For all the details and a list of prizes please go here:

EC Competition: So you think your pen can dance?

For NON Entrecard members:

If you are interested in participating in the contest and are not a member of Entrecard do not fear there are aoptions available.

If  your design is chosen an alternate prize to EC credits can be selected by contacting me directly. I will confirm with the owner of WoW blog the level of participation and that will determine your choice of prize.

Please note ALL prizes will be WoW related and will be coming from the Jinx Website.

Further updates on the contest to follow.


One Response to “WoW Fail Blog EC Contest”

  1. Atchoo

    The only thing that a pen dancing and my own dancing have in common is one simple thing:

    Epic Fail

    And I’m not talking your run-of-the-mill Epic Fail. I mean the kind of Epic Fail of say…I dunno…trying to connect Windows 3.1 to the internet on a DSL modem while trying to install TCP/IP on a 32kbps modem.

    …which yes, I know isn’t TECHNICALLY possible, but it made sense in my head, and therefore was completely valid. ^_^

    Though good luck to all of the entrants!

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