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I was on one of my alt servers today trying to get my funklock up to lvl 30. Some guildies were on and they were kind enough to run me through BFD. I was surprised when we finished off Twilight Lord Kelris and I grabbed the Fathom Core they started to swim to the shore. I asked if we were going to kill the big nessie thingy (I couldn’t remember it’s name) and they seemed confused so I swam into the cave and pointed at Old Serra’kis (ahh so thats the name). Apperantly they had never seen this boss before.

It’s surprises me sometimes how much I know about the game because it’s always being pointed out to me how little I know about it. I know most the people that do it don’t intend to be rude, but I did have someone on my main server say something along the lines of “Just go get the WoW dungeon guide it will save us all some time.” Again I know rudeness was not intended but it still didn’t sit well with me.

So here I am the first time ever knowing something another WoW player didn’t. I didn’t rub it in anyone’s face and I was more surprised than anything. It’s startleing sometimes to have your perspective of players changed like that. I honestly felt like I knew less than everyone else playing the game.

Just goes to show you that you never really know how much you know.

As far as the run went, They cleaned house and I got all the “phat lewts” as it were. It’s nice when higher level players will give someone a run through and ask nothing more in return than someone to play with. I am glad that I can still meet nice people in this game.  There are days I wonder if any exist and then something nice like this happens. I should spend more time leveling my alts on this server.

Terrabelle is my Undead Warlock. I call her my funklock because for some reason I tend to listen to Funk when I play her. As a result my RP with her is very much not what you usually get from an Undead.


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  1. Atchoo

    Having never RPed with an Undead, let alone an Undead ‘Lock one would have to wonder how the addition of Funk music would influence the dialogue. I’m sure there would be much more ‘booty quakin’ as the young people say nowadays, but I’d be curious to witness this concept of ‘FunkLockery’ firsthand.

    And it’s refreshing to hear that your fellow players aren’t such Dbags that they get all butt hurt about you getting the ‘phat lewtz’ and whatnot, but also that they found something new in the game. Speaking of BRD, I’m going to have to check that out on one of my DK toons so I can figure out which mob that is! Wewt! \m/ \m/

    Also, those banners rock!

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