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Here we are at the conclusion of my little tale. I never thought when I first started writing this that it would become what it has, but then I don’t really expect things from myself. I tend to just let myself be and see what happens. Usually this is ok, but every now and then I get dangerously close to inciting the Apocalypse.

So there I was in SB not wanting to level to 80 just yet. There were whole areas of Northrend I had not seen yet. I was not happy to be that close to 80 and still have so many zones left. I honestly thought that I would be able to see everything before I hit the cap. I was clearly wrong. I believe that is a part of why I pushed myself to skin so many mammoth and get that gear was that I just wasn’t ready for it to end. I really thought once I hit 80 that I would do the same thing as when I hit 70.

I was so worried that Aith would fall to the side and I would be left wondering how the story concludes. I decided that I would not let that happen. When I finally did DING, I was thrilled and saddened at the same time. I was also determined not to let the level cap stop me from continuing through Northrend and reading every quest I could get my hands on.

It was also nice to be questing with someone that had the same goals as myself. Someone that wanted to read each quest before moving on, that wanted to get the achievements and explore, that really just wanted to enjoy the game instead of  just blowing through it. I know for some people it’s all about the lootz and the gear, but for me it’s just about enjoying the world that Blizz has been kind enough to let me see.

I know a lot of people have left WoW, mostly for either boredom or real life reasons. As sad as it may sound to those that don’t understand. WoW is a part of my life that I don’t think I will ever give up, not completely. I plan to continue to play the game for as long as it is around. As long as there is a World of Warcraft there will be an Aithrea of Eldre’Thalas. That one crappy druid that never can seem to get good gear and lootz because she is way to busy enjoying the story, trying to find ways to interact with the NPCs and chasing after shiney objects (usually right into a wandering elite or off a cliff).

Aith is a part of who I am. Her personality is an amplified silly version of myself. She is more social than I can be. The people that know Aith are the ones that get to see a side of me not everyone does. I have made many friends in WoW and all of them have contributed to making Aith what she is today. Before I end this I want to take a moment to Thank those that have been there with me and Aith through our journey so far.

Nachtfaule, you are my SO and the love of my life. If it were not for your incessant prodding I would have never discovered WoW. If not for our agreement to play together, I think I would have lost you through the turbulent times we have had. 10 years seems so long and yet feels so short. Maybe WoW can help us find 10 more.

Oldprig, you were the first person to speak to me and invite me to play with someone other than myself. You brought humor and knowledge, where I brought humor and annoyance. You helped me to appreciate some of the more bizarre aspects of the game and you made me realize that the people I meet in WoW are more than just pixels on a screen. I am glad that you are there  darlin.

Fleshrotted(aka the corpse) I don’t know where you have gone, or what you are doing. I just hope that you are happy. You brought the funny and was the glue that held our little group together for a while. You are missed and I hope you come back some day.

Mikeylikesit, I honestly wish I could say everything I think, but I am already up to 736 words, 747… you get the point. I got to see WoW through the eyes of someone new after playing for a while. You helped me remember what it was like to not have a clue. You make me laugh and you put up with my nonsense which is more than I can say for most.

Cheese, be nice to your dad and stop stressing him out. No but seriously, you are a great kid and I always like to have you in group. Sorry you keep getting grounded though. Maybe when summer hits the crew can get back together and the 5 of us can do some real damage in Northrend. I will always be here for you when you need that female opinion, or anything else you need help with. Just don’t tell your dad, I have him convinced I am a hardass.

Aramazed, your enthusiasm for the game and excitement is always refreshing. You put up with my unique play style and never tell me I am doing it wrong. You laugh at my jokes and have even joined in to be my partner in crime  a few times. We need to play together more.

To my past Guild and my Present. I am not much for joining things. I am used to being just surrounded by small numbers of people and shutting everyone else out. Thanks for being understanding and not pressuring me to being more than I am.

Aithrea means fire and I am Blaze.


3 Responses to “The story of Aith: Part 7 - Where my Liches at?”

  1. Atchoo

    It’s certainly been a wild ride, not only with the game, but your blog as well. I definitely hope to read more from you.

    “You helped me remember what it was like to not have a clue…” That happens a lot…durr hurr…

    ‘How I mine for fish?’

    “I have him convinced I am a hardass…”

    *snerk* Well…nobody’s perfect, right? Though some are more easily fooled than others…*L*


  2. Kanti

    HEY! I am a hardass…. I AM!

    heh, but seriously, thank you for joining me on this journey.

    Glad you enjoyed the blog so far.


  3. Atchoo

    Riiiight…and your dog is Fiercey McFiercerpants.


    I (meaning We all) expect great things from you.

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