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While writing this I feel like it has become so much more than just a story of my character and more a story of how I found WoW and it’s affect on my life. This is not exactly what I thought it would be when I first started.

As for the chapter title, sorry but that shit is hilarious to me. Here you have a whole new area with new races and quests and in reality its the same thing just a different skin. But hey, at least it’s not Chen’s Keg *eye starts twitching rather dangerously*.

There were lot’s of things about the area’s of northrend that I genuinely enjoyed exploring, the Grizzly Hills, however, was not one of them. I think a large part of the problem was that I did not have cold weather flap and that whole area is just a mess really. My PvP flag was constantly getting triggered and half the time I had no idea what caused it. This created some unfortunate situations involving Death Knights that I wont go into (there is already a lot of DK bashing and I would rather not add to it at this time).

After a while we just left Grizzly hills and headed for another area entirely. This is how we ended up in Venomspite. This was also where it started to become apparent that the Forsaken stationed up in Northrend had a serious chip on their shoulder. As we worked our way across Dragon Blight, other things became apparent. One of those things was that a Healkin and a Combat Rogue could take on things a lot tougher that one would think, and in larger numbers. We both became so reliant on each other, I am not sure some of those quests would have been finished if we had tried to solo, or they would have at least taken a lot longer.

There was still so much to explore, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. I put a toe in Zul’drak, but I didn’t want to do anything there til I finished the other area’s I was in. After the whole Wrathgate thing I was not keen on going back to Grizzly hills so we headed into Sholozar knowing that we would have to deal with the quest chain to get the FP since I still did not have my cold weather flap. I am also still waiting on my Epic flap but hopefully that will come soon. I am a little more than 1k away.

So the Achievements were had and we were ready for a new area. I was enjoying being a bit of a completionist but it was driving Prig crazy. He had at least 2 of his toons leveled to 80 and was close to his 3rd. On top of all that he had also gotten several of his achievement’s including Loremaster. Personally I was absolutely jealous that he was able to get through all those things and I still wasn’t even at 80 and had another level before I could get my CWF.

For your viewing pleasure the Northrend specific Achievements I have so far:




Sholozar was pretty much finished before I hit 80. It was fully explored and all but the dailies were completed. I actually almost hit 80 there just doing the Dailies for the frenzy heart. I wanted to get them done and out of the way so I could switch to the Oracles ASAP. I am pretty close to being able to switch but not yet.

There was some bouncing between SB and GH to complete quests and do dailies. Then I found the guy in Dalaran that will trade LW patterns for Heavy Borean Leather.  Well I was on a mission to have armor that did not completely suck and since I don’t run instances, this was the best I was going to get. Hence the hideous green outfit from several posts back.  You do not want to know how many Mammoth I had to kill to get enough leather to make not one but two sets of that armor, not to mention the cost of the patterns. Seriously, it’s just sick how much death I rained down upon the critters of northrend. You’d think something as large as a mammoth would drop more than one piece when you skin it but nooooo. Physics only seems to apply when it comes to the size of the Tauren.

This installment is getting a little long and I wanted to save something for the last part of this story so I am going to cut it off here.

I hope that so far it’s been enjoyed and after Part 7 has been posted I will return to my regular randomness. Though it has been interesting keeping a schedule like this. I just don’t want to go through that again where I feel I HAVE to post.

Until tomorrow, and the um… well.. I wouldn’t say epic.. but.. the.. something … conclusion of my story.


2 Responses to “The story of Aith: Part 6- I vant choo to keel seeex schno moose”

  1. Atchoo

    Oh look! It’s Mr. Quotesy-pants!™ There are times when I shouldn’t have access to teh intarwubs, seriously.

    On with the show!

    “You do not want to know how many Mammoth I had to kill to get enough leather to make not one but two sets of that armor…”

    No, but I’m sure P.E.T.A. would like to know…*snerk*

    *breathes deep*

    No, no…no…I won’t go on that rant again…*Throws darts at P.E.T.A. logo dartboard*

    …whut? *innocent*

    “You’d think something as large as a mammoth would drop more than one piece when you skin it but nooooo…”

    This kind of thing runs rampant through the game. Need I remind you of the “fun” of getting the furs from those Durotar tigers in the really early levels? Or the various Wolf heart quests where they dropped next to ZERO of whatever part you needed?

    Party Member 1: How do they live without a heart?

    Party Member 2: Sssshh…do not question the physics of WoW…just accept them…

    *Party Member 1 suddenly and “conveniently” drowns in the nearest pool of water, GM standing nearby*

    GM: Solvin’ the problem…solvin’ the problem…

    Party Member 2: *whistles innocently* I see nothing!

    So yeah…I feel your pain and shudder at the atrocities that await me.

    And by the by…congrats on your ever-growing list of achievements! That’s quite impressive. I’ve only heard the name Dragonblight, but I definitely want to get into the zone and see what it looks like for myself.

  2. Kanti

    I think whats funnier is the Mulocs that had no spines and apparently are all blind as well. Then of course there are the Zevra’s with no hooves, and Raptors without heads. Seriously, how does it not drop a head!

    The excuse that people pass off is that you beat the animal so hard that the parts you need are not salvageable. Fair enough, I can buy that. Could you tell me though how I found a war axe, chain armor and a gem in a Plainstrider?

    Physics need not apply in this game, and that is ok.

    Yeah I have a good number but not enough. Was working on my Loremaster of Outland last night. Ugh.

    Thanks for the continued comments and readership of my blog. I love getting comments and I try to reply to every one.


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