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I am going to have to divide this chapter into 2 sections so it’s going to be kind of long. The reason for this is because I could not foresee that my actions would cause me to level so fast and I am a bit of an OCD completionist. So I actually did both starting areas in the beginning.

So lets begin, well, at the beginning.

Vengeance Landing, Howling Fijord (AKA those undead assholes need to learn to build goddamned stairs is what they need to do, Who taught them how to build anyway I swear those buildings are going to fall over in a good gust of… *more endless rambling*)
So for some reason Aith was already in Undercity when Wrath hit. I think it was all the stuff building up to Wrath that had her there, oh and all the Hallows End goodness as well. Now before Wrath dropped Nacht and myself decided we would only level our mains together. So I could only log onto Aith when he logged onto Nacht. It seemed like a good idea and it made the game much easier. We also decided that we didn’t want to miss anything so we would do each of the starting areas before moving on.

So we zep into HF and I have to say that whoever designed that zeplin tower should be forced to actually build it IRL and then live there for a week. Maybe he/she will rethink that shit before they go designing anything else. SO I managed to make it to the ground without dying or impaling myself on sharp objects. I grab the next level of my professions and some quests and me and Nacht head out into the sea of people that are running around. This was a bad idea to be honest. We should have waited like a week or something, but no we had to get in on it right then.

The only reason those starting level quests took so long is because there were too many people playing. OH and that the quest givers would just wander away and disappear. I have no idea who thought this was a good thing to add, but I have ideas of what should befall them as well. So it took a little time to get started, but we were determined to not only read each quest but be very thorough. We decided that we would not leave an area until the map was filled in (achievement) and we had done all the quests required to get the quest achievement (achievement). I swear, I think my OCD is rubbing off on Nacht.

Now as we were going through and reading the quests while interacting with the NPCs it became very clear that the undead in HF, while part of the Horde, were a special kind of evil. We both cackled maniacally at some of the things we had to do and some of the flavor text. It was enjoyable being so evil, It was also a glimpse into things to come. I hate to say it but the forsaken are kind of dicks and the ones in HF did nothing to improve this impression. Now Nacht is an undead rogue and he even admits outright that the undead are a special kind of “just not right”. He actually seems proud of it at times. The do have this whole “Kill the living” and “Vengeance is mine” thing going on.

Anyway, I am getting off topic here. So yeah between the massive amount of humanity on the server and the sheer “ebil” that is the Forsaken, oh and those god damned stairs. HF was a very interesting introduction into Northrend. It also made stepping off the Zep into Warsong Hold a completely different experience than if I had gone there to begin with.

Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra (AKA Holy *CENSORED* now THIS is a HORDE out post, ooh look it the.. and oh.. hey.. is that. OMG!! SAURFANG! … Hellscream. he.. oh he did NOT just say.. why that little.. great first he is emo now he is an asshole.. like father like son *more grumbling rambles about orcs n such*)((this is why I should not be allowed to read the Lore, I get WAAAAY to into the story))

*ahem* moving on…

So yeah, after seeing the rickety ass buildings that made up Vengeance Landing I was just blown away by Warsong Hold. It was kind of cool how the NPC guards would randomly greet you by name. I also have to admit doing quests for the Orcs was fun. What was not fun however was the bugs, those things spawned ridiculously fast.

I was kind of annoyed that there wasn’t a leatherworking trainer right there at the hold, but having to just save my skins and wait was kind of nice. I like to stockpile a lot of leather and just blow through 50 or so levels in my profession. The questing areas were also quite lovely, though I have yet to see anything in Northrend that is just ugly to be honest.

So there we were getting swarmed by bugs and just having fun. I really missed my flap, but I know I would not have explored as much if I had it.  What the Orc quests lacked in evil they made up for in story. The story that starts in that area and continues on into Dragon Blight is just amazing. You really get a feel for the NPCs. I sat there and read the conversation between Saurfang and Hellscream several times. I didn’t have to, I just wanted to.

As I said in an earlier post about a month back, the whole Wrathgate thing completely blew my mind. I sort of had it spoiled for me a little bit, but thankfully, not completely. I was honestly and truly moved by the cinematic and found myself to be completely drawn into the story. Since I was traveling with a forsaken, a rogue no less. There was some humor there. I kept calling Nacht a traitor and looking at him suspiciously. I would threaten to turn him in and call him evil. It was all in good fun though.

I seem to be getting a little ahead of myself here so back to the Borean Tundra with us. I think the not PETA stuff was actually kind of funny and I did do the quests. I was also stoked to be riding dragons even if it was just flight paths. I honestly wish I could have gone into the Nexxus, but we could not 2 man it. (Hell at 79 we couldn’t 2 man it, but we tried) I will admit that coldara was a bit of a pain in the ass to be honest, but everything else was nice.

I was so glad to find the Murloc stuff though. I had so much fun doing those quests and I wish you could gain rep with those guys. It was also the first time I saw the Orcs and Sharks as well as stumbling upon Blizzards version of Penguins (pengies as I call em). The sheer amount of adroable was almost overwhelming. I mean between the little baby murlocs with their little purrgurgles, and those pengies I was just about driven into cute overload.

I will say this, anytime swimming was involved, I am so glad I am a Druid. Seacow form, oh yeah.

So as far as the start areas go they are both awesome as hell. The undead have the whole evil thing going on and the Orcs, well the Orcs just fucking rock harder than any other race in the game. Yeah I play a moo but the Orcs are cool as hell. Story wise there is some really interesting stuff there and it’s really worth it to go read some time. The WoWWiki is a great place to just pull up NPC files and information on different aspects not only of the game but the story.

Anyway that is all for part 5 I think I have rambled enough. Only 2 more parts to go!


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  1. Atchoo

    “Vengeance Landing, Howling Fijord”

    *suddenly channels Monty Python’s Dead Parrot sketch*

    “Pinin’ for the Fjords?!” *L*

    SORRY…sorry…could’nt resist…heh…

    At any rate, from what I’ve seen of V.L., I’d have to agree about the general attitudes of the Forsaken in this area. For the most part, yeah, they’re like the others throughout the game, but a bit more…sinister? Craving said vengeance/retribution a bit more? *shrug*

    So (achievement) how’s (achievement) those (achievement) achievements (achievement) coming (achievement) along (achievement)?



    “Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra (AKA Holy *CENSORED* now THIS is a HORDE outpost…”

    Now THAT comment, I’d whole-heartedly agree with! I mean this bad boy makes even Orgrimmar seem like a piddly city, especially given its relative crush of humanity, at least pre-BC.

    ^_^ Yays pengies! I can’t wait to see my first one. I’m not going to spoil myself with any previews of them by doing random Google searches, especially because teh internets love to break me so much…


    And “purrgurgles” has got to be the most inventive term for a sound I’ve heard in…well…ever. I can almost picture it like an Alvin and the Chipmunks version of a regular Murloc noise…which just makes my eyeballs twitch, but I’m just that crizz-azee in my brainmeatz.

    “Orcs just fucking rock harder than any other race in the game….”

    ‘Nuff said bub! *sniktybub*

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