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When I started writing out this story I really thought it was going to be all about Aith. It turns out that while it’s about her, it’s also about me and how WoW has impacted my life. We read so many stories where the game has caused problems in people’s lives. I thought it would be nice to give people something to read where that was not the case.

So there I was in outland being rushed to 70 when I was able to get my flap. I still don’t have epic flap but I am getting better about earning gold. I remember when I first go my bird form. I was pretty obnoxious for about 20 minutes. I kept dive bombing people and making a general nuisance out of myself.It took me several months to master death from above, but then blizz went and changed things so I can no longer do that. It kind of sucks but I can understand why it was changed.

I know my main server is not a RP server but that does not keep me from using my emotes to my advantage (and the annoyance of others). I really didn’t care if I was in populated areas or not, I just enjoyed myself. I had one particularly favorite emote that I would use. “Aithrea soars gracefully through the air… right into the side of a mountain.” and then I would squawk. Or “Aithrea gets caught in the branches of a tree.” and I would throw in some bird curses.

So now I have flap and I am on my way to 70. I end up in Shadowmoon Valley and am pretty much run through it at break neck speeds. There are points where it goes so fast that I get frustrated and quest items get lost and there is down time in groups because I cannot find my damn goggles. It got so bad that there were times we were doing 5 man content with only 4 or 3 people in some instances.

Occasionally Prig would suggest us to go up against (insert really big nasty from outland here) and I would fall into RP mode typing things like. “*Holds out foot*’ouch… oh… my foot is hurt.. I. I have to stay behind’” Usually all of this was while I was in my bird form so in my head I was picturing bird Aith holding out one taloned foot and hopping around saying ouch and trying to be convincing about her inability to be dragged through something ugly. There were actually some really funny instances where I tried to pull this and Prig made some suggestions that pretty much made bird Aith stop faking injuries, at least for that day. Of course now it’s become common for me to not only “place cheese on self” but to “holds out foot ‘ouch’” when someone is about to drag my tail through something particularly nasty.

So here I am trying to enjoy the game, but I find myself really not in some situations. I realized the only reason at that point that I was even bothering to log into Aith was to make others happy. It was sort of bittersweet when I finally hit 70 because at that point I could just do what I wanted and there was no push anymore. I guess I just didn’t like being rushed but everyone was so desperate to see me at 70 and I really didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

Those that know me were able to guess the first thing I was going to do upon reaching 70. Since most the people who read this have not a clue who I am, I will be nice and just say it. I went and got myself exalted with the Mag’har. I wanted their tabard, and a Talbuk. I picked the blue one that actually looks purple, because well my favorite color is purple (as evidenced by my purple hair).

There are several things I could add in here about the Mag’har and Orcs in general, but most of it I cannot repeat in polite company. Prig is many things, but kid friendly he is not. The man has a mouth like a drunken sailor. Which works great with me since I have the mouth of a drunken sailor with a severe case of Tourettes. I think that’s why we work together so well and why I kept coming back. I hate to say it but that dirty old Orc is entertaining as hell. Oh the stories that could be shared.

Since there was no push any more I was able to start enjoying the game and that was around when the release date for Wrath was confirmed. I found the closer it got to release day the more excited I was to have it. I wish that I had the foresight to order the special edition cause I wanted one of those little dragons. I did however go to the midnight release party and surround myself with all that was geekness. I was also the only one that showed up with a cup of coffee, which almost started something ugly.

I already explained about the getting of wrath, the installing of wrath and the crashing of my Internet(-_-;) so I do not need to go over all that again.

So there I was signed into Aith and excited as hell to be going to Northrend right off the bat and not having to worry about geting to the level appropriate to be there.

Sorry this installment is so short and not as funny, but I want to separate the Outland and Northrend stuff. We are growing close to the conclusion of this story so I hope anyone reading it has enjoyed it.

- Kanti

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  1. Atchoo

    “Prig is many things, but kid friendly he is not.”

    And TWO people with Sailor Mouths? How could the server handle it? Referencing many a D&D roleplay when a particular dimension/diety wouldn’t allow something to happen (at least by munchkin gaming rules) everything just ceased to exist.


    …and then, there was blackness. With much gnashing of teeth and wailing of souls.

    Gah! You stopped short! It’s like urethral stoppage when you’re taking a leak!



    I can has moar? *bats eyelashes* kthnxbai

    *scours for next post, shredding mouse wheel*

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