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*eyeballs the title* Well technically it began Sunday, but this is a different it begins.


I had my own account and everything but,I missed my druid more than anything. It seemed silly to keep monopolizing Oni’s account especially after I got my own laptop(yes I play WoW on a laptop) and could actually play WITH him instead of just near him. So I decided that I would recreate her with the name I had originally wanted. Please don’t be taken, please oh please oh please don’t be taken. YES! and thus Aithrea was born anew.

Something felt different. I didn’t have to struggle so hard through the start area. I didn’t die as much and I mailed myself all my gold, bags and other such loots to help cut the cost of starting over. Sure I was a druid again but something didn’t feel quite right. I had originally planned to level Aithrea all on my own and not add anyone to my friends list but that didn’t last long. Prig found me and was dragging me through areas way to high for me to be in and suddenly Aith felt like Aith again.

When TBC was released I didn’t run right out and make a blood elf or bother with the starting area, no, I was too busy trying to get to outland. Now this was all before they lowered the level for your first mount to 30. I was busy grinding not for levels, not even gold, but for Orgrimmar rep. See I am a very strange player and I want what I want when I want it. I did not want a Kodo, I wanted a wolf and I was determined to have that wolf by the time I was level appropriate to be mounted.

Let me explain it in a way that can be understood by those that have done rep grinding. There was no runecloth. I had to find quests, and the only repeatable one was Chen’s Keg. *clears her throat as her left eye twitches dangerously* giving you 75 *deep breath*… ahem… 75 rep points each time you complete it.


*blinks and just breathes a few times steady and slow*

So there I was riding my wolf and enjoying the faster travel. It was great to be able to get around at a decent clip and leveling was going pretty well but it just wasn’t going all that fast. I am not sure what happened but I began to alt hop and then I just stopped playing. I would go for weeks at a time without logging in and Prig missed me. It seemed silly to me, since it was just pixels on a screen.

One day something happened and me and Prig were talking. He told me some things about his life that I would never forget. My heart fell into my stomach and I realized that the people in WoW that I had met actually meant something to me. The game meant something more than just a way to pass time. My love for the game was renewed and the world seemed brighter, even if there was a dark shadow lurking in the background (If prig gives the ok I am going to do a post on him, and the stuff he told me).

So we skip ahead and I finally manage to get Aith just high enough to be dragged by her tail kicking and screaming into the dark portal. Prig thought he was being funny and told me the first thing you have to do in outland it run out into the arena and join the fight against the large scary thing that was looking at me like I was a steak nublet. Thankfully I did not fall for this, for I was wise to his nonsense and knew he was pulling my hoof. He directed me towards the flight path and my journey into hell began.

Outland almost broke me a few times, I came so close to just quitting the game. Everything needed groups and Druid gear? Oh no fuck the druids lets drop plate and cloth gear. If you wanted anything you had to grind instances and multiple factions. Yeah you know that clown suit that everyone had to wear for a while. Well for me it was almost permanent until damn near the end of the game. I don’t even want to discuss the clefthoof armor, it was like chen’s keg all over again *twitches*. Even the existence of Prig nor his son could make me like this place.

That is until me and Oni started playing more. His love for the game bled through in every thing he did. He was so excited to try and help me get to that next level and reach for 70. He offered advice, tips and support. He didn’t realize it, but he was another big reason why I didn’t give up on the game. His dark sense of humor helped me through a lot. Since he was a Rogue he got kind of boned as well, especially since he pretty much soloed his way to 70. He was so excited to have someone to play with. Even though he was almost 70 and I was several levels below he saw it as a chance to try out some of the group content he missed. So it became a thing for Aith, Prig, Nacht and Cheese to run with either a PUG or Mikey. We usually picked mikey but occasionally strangers wandered into our mist. I almost felt sorry for them having to put up with me and the way I am in chat. Apparently I bring the funny, but you have to have a special kind of sense of humor to get me.

There were times I wanted to give up out of frustration at the game and my crap gear but I kept going thinking that maybe in the next area I could get something better. I was right and wrong at the same time. I think when I was near 68 and ready to give in was when I first stepped hoof into Nagrand. I remember I did not have my flap yet, and that had been a bit of a problem since Prig did. Following his dot was more dangerous that falling off of high places. The beauty of Nagrand struck me hard because of the stark difference between it and the rest of outland. I was amazed at it’s beauty and design, I even read the quests in the area and found that I liked the story. It was this event combined with a couple of small things that made me want to read up on the Lore and my favorite NPCs.

I honestly would have been happy just hanging out in Nagrand and slowly leveling, but when everyone around you is 70 there is a bit of a push that happens. I guess I just don’t level as fast as other people and there were times that I felt I was really being rushed. Because of this overwhelming feeling I took another step away from Aith and away from the game. Things in my life had become complicated and for once the distraction of WoW was not helping. Since this isn’t my personal blog I won’t go into details, but I took a much needed break from Outland, Aith and WoW. On the rare occasions I did log on, it was on alts on different servers. There was a point where I thought I would walk away all together but obviously I didn’t.

Well I need to take a break from the story and you will of course get the next installment tomorrow whether you read it or not I am writing it. It feels good to write this and it’s giving me ideas for other posts.

So until next time when the story continues, I am outta here.


5 Responses to “The story of Aith: Part 3- It Begins (R-Language)”

  1. Atchoo

    “…knew he was pulling my hoof.”

    Yeah, another quoted sentence…or part of one. It works, so nyeah.

    When I read that–and if I could draw anything better that WOULDN’T make a stick figure want to commit scribbled seppuku–I envision Aith being dragged, hoof clamped firmly in a meaty green fist, the other three limbs flailing and pounding the ground, sparks of Nature magic flying every which way and the few that were lucky enough to impact Prig’s armor would either bounce off harmlessly or get absorbed by the various enchants/socketed pieces, thus leaving small ashen scorch marks from their muted fury, all while Aith screams something akin to “DO NOT WANT!!”, only in Taurahe.

    Yeah…my mind works (what a shock) in mysterious ways.

  2. zupa


    Just popping in to say Hi and have a read. It’s always nice to hear about people enjoying aspects of WoW that a lot of us take for granted.

    Staying tuned,


  3. Kanti

    @ Atchoo - heh see now I really wish someone would draw that because that is really hilarious the way you pictured that. If my art was better I would so try to draw it. Maybe I can do something with WoWModel Viewer and make a screenshot mod showing that.

    @Zupa - I am glad that you took the time to comment and are enjoying what you read here.

  4. WoW Druid

    Just wanted you to know that “GO CLIMB A WALL OF DICKS” has been officially added to my handy bag of insults. Keep at it…great writing and a good story!

  5. Kanti

    *chuckles* I have several more, but they are even worse than that one and I need to watch the level of my language in this blog. I can’t use all the ones I actually yelled at the game, but I am glad that you enjoyed this.

    *spreads the love*

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