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April 11th, 2009

*fans self while hyperventilating*


*composes self*

It appears that my endeavors within the game of World of Warcraft have reached fruition.  Translation: I reached level 80 last night right before bed.


 I wish I could express fully what this means for me as far as the game goes.  I know a lot of people that have Level 80 characters, I know one in particular that has several. They however are not me and cannot understand what it means for a spastic person like me to acheive this.

Let me explain a bit here. I have over 40 alts that I play at random times. Sometimes I will get it in my head to play these alts for days at a time completely ignoring my main. Then of course there is my profession leveling and my Death Knight that I am determined to have her Mining/Herbalism up to 300 before I even consider going to Outland.  On top of that there are the RP servers I am on that distract me from actually playing the game and oh did I mention I joined a PvP server out of curiousity? Yeah she is lvl 20. So we have established that my play style is eclectic at best.

I remember the first time I made Aithrea. She was a replacement for my very first WoW character Aithnea  (I will write a blog about this situation later).  It was 2006 and the pains I felt from my missing druid had overwhelmed me to the point where I logged out of the alt I was playing and made Aithrea.  I had never played with such determination before, I was actually focused. Skip ahead to a fewweeks before the release of Wrath (which btw happened right after my Bday.. heee heee) and I FINALLY hit lvl 70. I honestly don’t know what took me so long, ok I do know but that is another post. So there I was only a few weeks before Wrath hit and I was ready for it.

When I went to that midnight release thing at the local Gamestop I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just new that I needed that expansion like I needed air to breath. I got it home, caressed the package and lovingly installed it on my machine. There I was a girl and her laptop with a shiney new WoW expansion and the cable goes out. Apperantly Comcast chose that night to do maintenance. -_-;

After much fit throwing I went to bed with dreams of WoW dancing in my head. ( I cannot describe the dreams for fear of being commited) I finally get to play WoW and it’s off to Northrend. I read every quest carefully, and I absorbed the story that was there. The ups and downs, the nights I wanted to play yet could not. The times I got distracted by my alts. Even the fact that I created and deleted the DK on that server 6 times just so I could play through those start quests again.  None of it kept me away from Aith for long.

So here I sit 5 months later at level 80 and I still feel it happened too fast. There are still whole areas of Northrend I have not explored. Quests I have not done, story I have not read. I wanted to find ways to stall, to push back the enevitable. There was nothing I could do, lvl 80 hit when it was ready to. I realize that just because Aith is at 80 she will not be put on a shelf. There is still so much left to do. I plan on finishing my run through Northrend and reading each and every quest along the way.

So Eldre’Thalas, welcome your newest level 80 Druid, but do not tremble at my might for I am not uberleet. I am just a gamer girl spaz that loves her characters as if they were almost real.

Next stop, epic flap. I need my faster flight form, this plodding along at the speed of “OH GOD WHY CAN’T YOU GO FASTER” is making me crazy.

Sorry but I spaced putting this up sooner.



6 Responses to “DING! OMGFTWBBQ!”

  1. Atchoo

    “So Eldre’Thalas, welcome your newest level 80 Druid, but do not tremble at my might…”

    And see, when I read the above sentence, I imagined you, and by extension Aithrea, standing atop a granite pillar, arms akimbo looking down on the mewling populace of the Eldre’Thalas server.

    But no hint of arrogance or superiority *cough* SuperMan *cough* like some might if they were to get too wrapped up in their achievements (no actual game achievements pun intended).

    Now, if only I could get my myriad of characters beyond the low 70s level and not have any myriad of mobs trying to eat my face for encroaching upon their territory…>.<

    *sigh* Yeah, MAYBE by the next expansion, I’ll have my main up to about…75…ugh…

  2. ClassicMoments

    Hello. Thanks for dropping by our website!
    You’ll probably hate me after telling you this, but I’m not a huge WoW gamer. I’ve tried it once but I was too busy to get into it. Not that I hate it though.
    Lots of fun stuff to read here. I’ll be checking on it frequently. =)

  3. Ithiel

    Gratz on 80 :-)

    Btw, I noticed your comment on WoW Fail Blog and was wondering if you might be interested in a link exchange?

    I’ve already added you on my link list :-) You can find it here:


  4. admin

    @ClassicMoments - Hate is an awfully strong word. There are lots of people I know that don’t like WoW and I am perfectly ok with that I just don’t talk about it around them. Thankfully I have just about ever other gameing system(console & handheld) known to man so there is always some game on some platform to talk about.

    @Ithiel - waitwhut? *checks her links* >.

    Adding you right now!


  5. WoW Druid


  6. Kanti

    Aww thanks, I appreciate the Gratz. It was a long road for me.

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