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March 8th, 2009

I am probably what most would consider a casual player. Even though I have been playing WoW for almost as long as it’s been out (wasn’t in the beta) I still don’t have a level 80 and I don’t know nearly as much as everyone else seems to. Oh sure I suppose the fact I don’t have a level 80 could be blamed on being on 13 servers and having 40 alts, but who doesn’t? Anyone? *kaff*  ok maybe I should sign up for altaholics anonymous before I end up with altzheimers.

Where was I? Oh right, casual player. So I don’t raid and I don’t do BG’s. Only recently did I try PvP and it was really more something that just kind of happened. I was there, the elf was there, and no one else was around. So I figured why not see what all this PvP is about. So I offed the elf and got my first honorable kill, which was pretty awesome cause I am CDO (NOT OCD! Alphabetical like it should be!) and the whole achievements thing is like crack for me. Anyway I ghosted her and killed her a couple of times for good measure then went along my merry way. I ended up in the next area and there she was again trying to be a nuisance in another low level horde area. (Maybe I should clarify, I was helping a lowbie friend out by just running them through all the low level stuff so they could grind faster. ) I figure at this point the elf was either on a mission or had eaten a big bowl of stupid that morning. I felt obligated to hand her(and I am basing the gender on the toon I have no idea what the player gender was and I was in no position to ask) said elf butt on a plate. It’s at this point a Blood Elf Death Knight shows up and decides to go camping. I play look out and hunt her down, he grabs her and kills her. We take turns before I have to log out. All in all it was good fun, well for me, not sure about the elf.

I get side tracked a lot, ahem, casual gaming. Other than the above mentioned I don’t PvP, BG or Raid. I do quests and the occasional instance. I run with my crew and bring the funny. I have wiped our party in an instance run once for bringing a bit too much funny and was promptly punished. I don’t really know much about the whole numbers min/maxing of WoW and I am so far from “l33tz0rz” it’s not funny. My gear is either profession made, quest drop or the occasional AH splurge. Considering the economy on some servers I usually just make faces at my screen as a I look at all the pretty things I will never have. My only purple ever was a birthday present from the person that got me hooked on this accursed game in the first place. (I still have it in my bank, I will never get rid of it.)

Being a casual gamer I suppose I could rant that all the cool stuff can’t be solo’d (and it can’t) but it’s not something I would rant about. I suppose if I wanted to ever see endgame content or the like I would learn to raid. If I want better gear I would learn to raid. If I wanted to be “l33t” I would learn to raid. I sense a pattern here. Even without the endgame, gear and praise from other characters I still play WoW so much it almost borders on unhealthy. Why? Because of the people I play with, the person behind the character on the screen. Good bad or otherwise it’s the people that play WoW that make me stay. I could never fully give it up even if there are large portions of the game I will never get to experience.


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