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So I decided since I was going to take my hunter through Kalimdor and level her there, that I would grab my Goblin Priest and move her over to the Eastern Kingdoms. I will still be leveling my Goblin Rogue through Kalimdor, but maybe not following her right away since I got all that covered [...]

SO I meant to post this a bit sooner as I am now in The Stonetalon Mountains at level 27 which seems about average for me. I have a tendency to alternate between doing every quest I can grab and refusing to do ones I have done too many times before. I used to actually [...]

So I created an Orc Huntress many many years ago, probably around the time of the BC expansion. I logged into her once, got her to level 15 and logged off. I ended up getting distracted by other alts and never really logging back into her. The main problem was I created her on a [...]

Warrior Alt Level UP!

February 1st, 2010

So as you may know from other entries I have a lot of alts, like almost 40 alts total. And most of them are not over lvl 20. I have a few in the 20’s and a couple in the low 30’s and that was as high as it got with one exception, my Warrior, [...]

Instance running

May 25th, 2009

So, my warrior has been run through SM about 50 times. At this point I will be able to wear plate before I get the set so I am just going to move on. I have never had a full set of anything before, so I was kinda hoping to get one.
Playing my warrior has [...]

Shifting Gears

May 18th, 2009

I have been playing on my main server almost exclusively and I realize that I have been neglecting characters I really enjoyed playing. I logged into my Warrior on WA and really had a good time playing her. I had forgotten why it was I created her, and after a few minutes I realized why. [...]

Server and character list (without names)
Eldre’Thalas (MAIN) -PvE
Tauren Druid- lvl 80
Troll Hunter - lvl 24
Orc Warlock - lvl 36
Troll Warrior -lvl 15
Blood Elf Rogue -lvl 16
Belf Pally -BG PvP -lvl 8
Tauren Death Knight - lvl 60
DoomHammer - PvE
Draenei Paladin lvl 6 - WORK
Shadow Council - US - RP
NE Rogue - lvl 20
NE Druid - lvl [...]

Spying on the Enemy

April 3rd, 2009

I am sure it has become apparent that I play mainly HORDE. The reason I say mainly is because I have a couple of Alliance alts. What can I say curiosity got the better of me I suppose.
I currently have a Gnome Warrior (lolwhut?), a Nelf Rogue (waitwhut?), and a Nelf Death Knight (not a [...]

To sick to play

March 24th, 2009

I have been pretty sick this last week. Being able to miss work is no fun when you are too sick to play WoW. Although since I spent most of it asleep I didn’t really notice.
I am starting to feel better and I got a little WoW in the other night. Nothing spectacular though. I [...]

Running in circles in RFK

March 12th, 2009

Ran my Funklock through another instance. Same two guildies helping me out. Before we got started though we ran into some alliance characters that apparently must have shared the same bowl of stupid that the elf from my main server had been eating. A handful of Hordies got involved and a good time was had [...]

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