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Not sure how to take this

January 27th, 2010

So a WoW friend of mine that we will call Rexx popped up on my messenger today and said “I think I found your theme song” and I responded “oh?” and then he showed me this:

I really am not sure how to take the insiuation here….

So here I am sitting in the Stormwind Stockades. Not really sure how I ended up here. I was just doin the whole honor/desecrate flames thing and suddenly, I am in Stormwind. Currently I am standing in the instance waiting to pounce out so I can steal the flame. Good times, good times.
So I stole [...]

Midsummer Craziness

June 23rd, 2009

So the Midsummer festival started and it’s already a huge mess.  Most people cannot revisit the fires they went to last year, half the quests are broken or bugged and there is no way I am going to be able to get both items I want if they don’t fix it.
On the good side I managed [...]

Server and character list (without names)
Eldre’Thalas (MAIN) -PvE
Tauren Druid- lvl 80
Troll Hunter - lvl 24
Orc Warlock - lvl 36
Troll Warrior -lvl 15
Blood Elf Rogue -lvl 16
Belf Pally -BG PvP -lvl 8
Tauren Death Knight - lvl 60
DoomHammer - PvE
Draenei Paladin lvl 6 - WORK
Shadow Council - US - RP
NE Rogue - lvl 20
NE Druid - lvl [...]

So  I covered griefing when you are the griefee, now I am going to play Devils Advocate and look at it from the view of the griefer. Please remember that I don’t activly participate* in griefing, this is just for the purpose of spreading knowladge.
Section 1: So you want to be a Griefer
You have come [...]

Everyone has been a victim of griefing at some point. If you play an MMO you have been griefed. You may not realize that’s whats happening, so lets define griefing.
A griefer is a player who plays a computer game simply to aggravate and harass other players.
Griefing then would be the actions perpetrated by the Griefer.
So [...]

Spying on the Enemy

April 3rd, 2009

I am sure it has become apparent that I play mainly HORDE. The reason I say mainly is because I have a couple of Alliance alts. What can I say curiosity got the better of me I suppose.
I currently have a Gnome Warrior (lolwhut?), a Nelf Rogue (waitwhut?), and a Nelf Death Knight (not a [...]

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