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Running Heroics and Fishing

February 6th, 2010

Ok, so I logged on and was doing the raptor daily on my DK when Oldprig hit me up asking if I would help them with a Raid level boss. I switched over to Aith and realized Ara was in the party so there was some reuniting and lots of joking around.
Something glitched somewhere and [...]

Running in circles in RFK

March 12th, 2009

Ran my Funklock through another instance. Same two guildies helping me out. Before we got started though we ran into some alliance characters that apparently must have shared the same bowl of stupid that the elf from my main server had been eating. A handful of Hordies got involved and a good time was had [...]

I was on one of my alt servers today trying to get my funklock up to lvl 30. Some guildies were on and they were kind enough to run me through BFD. I was surprised when we finished off Twilight Lord Kelris and I grabbed the Fathom Core they started to swim to the shore. [...]

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