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So I decided since I was going to take my hunter through Kalimdor and level her there, that I would grab my Goblin Priest and move her over to the Eastern Kingdoms. I will still be leveling my Goblin Rogue through Kalimdor, but maybe not following her right away since I got all that covered with my hunter. I still haven’t decided if I am going to follow my Orc Monk or My Panda from Level 1 up yet.

So The Eastern Kingdoms. Now my Goblin is already level 26 so I will be skipping all the new stuff from Silverpine Forrest and Hillsbrad and going straight to The Arathi Highlands. Which kind of sucks because that is some really fun begining stuff, but I have no room left to start a new character until the next xpac, so we deal with what we have.

Maybe I will do 2 from level 1 up kind of things. but I doubt it. I know these are not interesting posts just yet, but they will be once I get into the habit of tracking what I am doing and keeping up with the more interesting goings on.

SO I meant to post this a bit sooner as I am now in The Stonetalon Mountains at level 27 which seems about average for me. I have a tendency to alternate between doing every quest I can grab and refusing to do ones I have done too many times before. I used to actually hate Ashenvale with the fiery passion of one thousand suns. However now that you get a mount at level 20 it is not as shit awful as it was before. Plus I like the newer quests.  I can say I was not thrilled with the back and forth between Splintertree and Orgrimmar just to be yelled at by Garrosh Hellscream. However, it allowed me to do my Spit on the Warchief Daily that I love so much. So that was probably the only benefit from that little side romp.

I ended up only doing the new quests in Zoram’gar Outpost, before moving on to Hellscream’s Watch, and then back into Silverwind Refuge. I skipped everything with BFD as I am just questing solo and did not want to bother with it. As you can see from the map, it is clear what areas I skipped. I am not looking to go out of my way to get Achievements on this alt. I figure they will happen when they happen.


I took the wagon from the refuge to stonetalon, but the conversation between Utvoch and Dontrag was bugged, so he never admitted to liking the Tauren ladies. I had already been on this quest once before so I have seen the conversation in full and it is hilarious.

Krom’gar Caravan Hauler says: Hold on tight, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Be on the lookout for night elves!
Scout Utvoch says: Few things I like more than killing Alliance.
Scout Utvoch says: You know I can’t resist tauren women, Donty. They’re my one weakness…
Sergeant Dontrag says: You are a sick, sick orc, Ut.
Krom’gar Caravan Hauler says: Got another shipment of fresh meat for you, Saurboz. Let’s hope these ones don’t end up back as corpses on my wagon like the last battalion.
Saurboz says: More fodder for the Horde war machine.
Krom’gar Caravan Hauler says: Got another shipment of fresh meat for you, Saurboz. Let’s hope these ones don’t end up back as corpses on my wagon like the last battalion.
Saurboz says: Looks like we’ve got some of Rockrain’s soldiers here. Dontrag, Utvoch, we’re gonna need your expertise over at Krom’gar Fortress.
Sergeant Dontrag says: Yes, sir! Let’s go Ut.
Saurboz says: As for the rest of you grunts, suit up! We got some killin’ to do.
Anyway, I end up at The Fold, do a couple of quests. One that consists of setting elf mines, and a few more elf killing things, and then I am off to Krom’Gar Fortress. I have to admit, I love the way Male Night Elves die, I laugh so hard.
So here I am at level 27 ready to continue on.

So I created an Orc Huntress many many years ago, probably around the time of the BC expansion. I logged into her once, got her to level 15 and logged off. I ended up getting distracted by other alts and never really logging back into her. The main problem was I created her on a server that was not my main in order to play with one of my friends. When they quit playing I did not really go back to that server. Eventually I got her up to level 21, but she was on a server that had no support. I am not fond of the starting area and I had some funds and things on that server so I packed everything onto my Huntress and moved her to a server I play on regularly.

This server is Wyrmrest Accord(RP). Yes, I play on RP servers, what of it? I actually enjoy the environment and economy on WrA, as well as the community. It has quickly become my secondary main server. I balance my time between my main Eldre’Thalas and WrA regularly now. Though lately I have been favoring WrA, mostly because of the players there.

So now my Huntress is on WrA and I plan to level her from 21 on up there. I cannot track the first few levels as I do not remember where I quested with her. I plan to take the path from Ashenvale into Stonetalon, and over to the Barrens. I know there are some good quest chains there and some great story that I really want to get into. So I will be following my Huntress as I level her. Right now I need to finish the transfer and then maybe start playing her tomorrow or later this week. I probably wont update this story more than once a week though, so I am not flooding my blog with it, or I may do it daily, I don’t really know just yet.

Random Update

April 1st, 2012

Well, between school and work, this sort of fell behind. However, since I lost my job not too long ago I find that I have more free time. This last week I have been playing a considerable amount of WoW and I think I can pick this blog back up and  get moving on it again. I have plenty of new content planned I just have to organize it and get it all posted up. Not to mention get some good screenshots and images to go with it.

With the x-pac coming out soon(ish) I am sure I will have even more to post.

Plus I never really did post much on Cata. So I will need to update my experiences going through the Cata stuff, or at least what I can remember. One thing that stood out clearly was the sea of dragon asses.

Also I plan on taking you through the leveling of a character of my choosing, but I haven’t really made up my mind on that either.

So hopefully I can get moving on this blog and get it back to where I was posting updates every day.

It has been too long

September 5th, 2011

I am not sure why I let this blog die. I remember having a lot of fun working on this blog and then poof, I just disappeared. That tends to happen with me. I get caught up with things and stuff just ends up being pushed aside until I remember it again. One thing has not changed though. I still love WoW and I still play as much as I can. With a full time job and full time school, I don’t play as much as I want, but I do play.

I am about 2 weeks away from getting my Associates degree then onto the Bachelors program. This does not mean I won’t have time, it just means that I will need to prioritize things.

So for now I will be keeping the schedule that I have posted above, but I may decide to take one day off a week if it gets to be too much.

We will see how this goes for now.

Anyway it is good to be back. I have some new alts and some old friends and lots of stories from my adventures in Azeroth to share, so please, stay a while.

Silly Sunday: Improper Postage

September 4th, 2011

Though I would liven things up with something silly I came across.


Lets kick this off with some awesome Art.

While I am not a fan of the Character, I love this image of Garrosh Hellscream.


Awesome Art

July 3rd, 2010

I find lots of awesome images online, and sometimes they are WoW related. It looks like someone updated Thralls page on the WoW wiki and I just LOVED the image they used for him. I loved it so much I just had to share it here.


Tree Of Life

April 13th, 2010


So for the holiday of luuuuuv, there is a boat that is traveling through the.. um.. the… umm.. what the hell is that glowing green stuff anyway? Moving on, there is a boat and it is traveling around in that stuff and you can climb in it and go for a little ride, Tunnel of Love style…

So Aith and Nacht climbed in and I got a couple of really cute screenshots of my moo and her little corpse. Sailing through the Tunnel of Death, Decay, and Love.


Aren’t we just cute? Heh, well there is your sweetness for the day.


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